Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Current Skincare Regime-October

I thought today might be a good time now to share and update all readers on my current skin condition. My last update was in the month of June and since then, I have made some changes because my skin is slowly going back to normal.

At this time of writing, I am pleased to share that my skin is feeling and looking good. The noticable radiance and glow is back too. My skin is much more balanced, dry areas are back to normal and I have less hormonal breakouts. I have seen remarkable changes especially on my skin's moisture level, lightening and firming. My pores are much smaller and refined too.

The products which I am using currently, is more or less the same as I did since the month of June. I've tweaked some on my day routines and have introduced the yoghurt mask, serum and topical Vit C from Marie Veronique Organics to my current regime. Here are my routines:


Routine: Cleanse: Occasionally rinse with tepid water or use Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser if skin is slightly oily at T-zone area > Toner: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion  > Eye: GoW Eye Majik Cream> Serum: Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster ( 2 drops ) >Moisturise: Marie Veronique Anti-Aging Oil+ ( 1 drop ) > Protect: Marie Veronique Moisturising Facescreen Spf 30.


Routine: Cleanse: Double Cleanse with Trilogy Cream Cleanser and Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser > Toner: Dermalogica Multi Active Toner > Eye: GoW Eye Majik Cream > Serum: Marie Veronique Moisture Serum ( 4 times a week ) > Moisturise: Marie Veronique Anti Aging Oil+ ( 1 drop ) > Repair: Marie Veronique Skin Lightening Serum and Marie Veronique Skin Lightening Vit C Supplement ( 3 times a week )

Special Care ( Three times a week )
Routine: Exfoliate: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant > Masque: Yoghurt Mask

Special Care ( Once a week )
Masque: Purifying Mask with Yoghurt and Bedak Sejuk ( Cooling Rice Powder )

My Thoughts....

With this new and improved routine, I have been experiencing excellent skin condition and no breakouts. ( Do bear in mind that I also go for my facials at my regular salon once a month.)

Before I started an overhaul of my skincare products, my skin was dull. Pores were visible, pigmentation spots are getting more and my skin is dehydrated. My 'then' products weren't helping me at all. To have a clearer picture, here is the before and after shots:

( Those spots are my freckles )

Learning from mistakes....

Since I've started to incorporate some new products in the month of April, I do see improvements in 2 months...but not to the satisfactory mark I've hoped. I had my trials and errors and learned to make a few adjustments to see how it works. I have also changed some habits and added some ( read here ) along the way.

Gets better with prolonged use...

Through my experience, I do see that natural products take a longer period of time for us to see and feel the results. I have used brands which are not 100% natural related before and I do see almost instantaneous results to my skin. My skin feels and look good the day after but after a few days, the effects will deplete. In comparison when using natural based products, the effects may be slower than commercial ones but, the results gets better with continuous use and importantly, it stays.


I wouldn't say that only certain products helped me..I would say ALL and it also take a good amount of discipline and patience have my skin the way it is now.


  1. Wow, significant improvements on the second picture. That's awesome!

    I am still working on my badly sun damage spot. I ordered MVO Skin Lightening Serum and can't wait to try it. Targeting one problem at a time then will work on the fine lines around the eyes.

  2. Hi Dawn! Hoped that the Skin Lightening Serum will work for you. ( It's pretty expensive, isn't it? ) However, if use it together with the MVO Vit C supplements, the results is WOW!!

    Have you tried applying the Anti Aging Oil+ lightly around your eyes? Many MVO users says it works in reducing the fine lines around the eyes.

  3. Yes, the SLS serum is expensive. I didn't order the Vit C supps. Burnt a big hole in the pocket! :) I have not bought the Anti Aging Oil or the +. I'm worried about extra zits with such heavy oils on my face. I do have combo skin except around the eyes. They are dry. Did you try it around your eyes?

  4. Think Anti Aging Oil is not as heavy as the +, which maybe suitable for you. To control the zits, I only used 1 tiny squirt for my whole face instead of 1 big pump.

    I lightly use the oil around my eyes and at times, will just follow up with an eye cream.

  5. there is really some improvement shown in your photo! think my skin has improved ever since i started using clarisonic MIA and all sorts of oils. but camera can't seem to capture the effect of even skintone.

    p/s: i have received my first GoW order and have placed a second one already, damn it's addictive.one of the ingredients i bought was kukui nut oil, and lotion base :D

    p/p/s: i tried this formula - about 3 drops of apricot kernel oil with a drop of lavender PEO,it felt quite nice on the skin and wasn't oily. read that its great for anti aging and regeneration.

  6. Hi Xin! Thanks:P Good to know your skin has improved and I have the same problem with you when taking photos. Can't seem to catch the 'glow' shot, right?

    Yippee! Your stuffs are here and wow 2nd order already??? Agreed, it is totally addictive, that's why I try to go to the web less...hehe. Otherwise, I'll be buying non- stop!

    Yeah, apricot kernal oil is great for skin regeneration. But is 3 drops of lavender PEO a bit strong for you? Usually, if 3 drops carrier oil, it's best to use only 1 drop or less of Lavender PEO cos it may cause your skin to be more sensitive. But so far,is your skin OK?

  7. wow, your photos showed dramatic improvements especially with the evening of the skin tone! Do you think it's due to the lightening serum and the vit c supplements?

  8. i used 3 drops of carrier oil vs 1 drop of PEO :P

    have experimented a few combos, but i find that neroli doesn't mix well with any other PEO unless its citrus, it is good on it's own. can't wait for my 2nd haul to come back coz i got it shipped to a friend in US to bring it back to me next month. my haul weighed about 2kg (coz of the 16oz lotion base), and i only paid $6 for the shipping. hope it is worth the wait ;) and i bought vanila PEO too! i think i may have gone bonkers as a newbie

  9. Hi Vivi! The evening of my skin tone is mostly contributed by the lightening serum and the vit C. However, I must point out that the rest helped too eg: the yoghurt mask, the daily microfoliant, facescreen..plus, a disciplined regime.:P

  10. Hi Xin! Haha...what an investment u made with GoW but I am sure it is all worthwhile to wait. U bought some shampoos and cleansers as well?? Am thinking of getting one of their cleansers. Oh no...shopping spree time...keke

    Yeah, I agree with you. Neroli seemed to be best on it's own. For me, it didn't really gel with lavender..haha.


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