Thursday, 20 October 2011

Do you believe in regular facials?

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I used to be an unbeliever in regular facials but after attending one regularly for almost 5 years, I have to say a big yes to this! I personally find it important because it helps to improve and maintain my skin condition. My skin would have been worse if I hadn't been attending one regularly. However, during my 5 years of having regular facials at beauty salons, I wouldn't say all is well. Frankly, I have my moments of:
  • Beauticians telling me ( even to date ) that my blackheads are not improving and I need to constantly do my regular mask at home ( which I faithfully do 3 times a week ). I have to hear that again and again, and it can get pretty annoying.
  • Regular heartaches. When I think I have found the 'right' therapist for me, no sooner than that, they would tell me that they are leaving for greener pastures.
  • Putting up with rough and inexperienced therapist. I sometimes feel that they have an on-going 'who is the fastest' record breaking time competition among them.
  • Breakouts or allergy because they have used an unsuitable product on me...and worst still, not compenstated at all!
and more often than not.....

  • Being constantly pressured to buy their products or sign up for packages.
  • Spending more than I should. Sometimes, I caved in into buying deals, which do not deem necessary for me. My back account also suffers....
Now, it seems like I am contradicting myself here do I? However..

For me, I find having regular facials is neccessary because:

  • They can do a better job at cleaning your face than doing it on my own at home. They have the experience and not to mention, certain machines like facial steamers to help to remove the gunk from our face.
  • They do a better job at extractions that do not leave a scar on your face because they know which acne can be or cannot be extracted. Plus, some salons do have antiseptic equipments or lotions to help kill off unwanted bacterias to promote faster healing.
  • They have equipments to help better absorptions for serums to penetrate deeply to your skin. This gives a longer 'mileage' of that treatment for your skin.
  • Some do wonderful facial massages that is almost impossible to have the same results if I were to do it on my own.
  • It helped me to improve and maintain my skin condition. My hormonal breakouts would have been worse or there will be more scarring on my face.
  • It helps you to relax. I like facials that offers addtional free service of neck massages! It helps greatly to loosen up all the knots, I'll say.
  • It aids in better absorption for my serums or products used at home.
Lesson learned along the way....

I used to go for packages or treatments that are average or above average because at that time, my skin condition needed that. However, at the same time, it has taken a toll on my bank account, honestly. Seeing that my skin is at better condition now, I switch and opted for lower treatments, just for maintainence sake and at a much lower and affordable price.

Whether facials are a yay or nay to some of us, it all depends on one's preferences and honestly, facials do not come cheap. In fact, it is a form of luxury, I suppose..


  1. It's a treat and definitely worthwhile if the massage techniques are good. However, I've learnt that with a proper skincare regime and some facial massage thrown in, I can manage without them too.

  2. Yeah, it's definately a treat. Though I still have my weekly regime, it's somewhat different. One of the main reason that I like going to facials is because of the extractions..hehe.


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