Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review: Garden of Wisdom Eye Majik Cream

Garden of Wisdon Eye Majik Cream( No Wax ) 10g USD 18.85/ RM 58.60

How many of us actually include applying eye creams as part of our skincare regime? Not many I reckon. I actually started paying attention to my eye area when I started using Marie Veronique Eye Serum sample early this year. Yes, I am a late bloomer!:D

One of the many reasons that I am not fond of putting creams to my eye area is because I dread developing milia seeds. I really dread the thought and secondly, I find that most eye creams comes with a high price tag for a tiny tube or a little small jar. I simply think that paying RM 100 and above is a little bit overwhelming for me.

However, I am glad to find that Garden of Wisdom does offer reasonable prices for their products and I took the plunge in ordering a small jar of eye cream to address some of my fine lines and dark circle.

Product Description

This cream is very light and fluffy, and soaks into the skin without being greasy or oily. This version of Eye Majik was specially formulated for those who are sensitive to wax based creams. Date seed extract significantly reverses wrinkles, while other actives cool, calm and relax skin.

Distilled Water-hydrating, solvent
Artemisia Hydrosol-soothing,cooling, refreshing
Cornflower Hydrosol-anti-inflammatory,soothing,cooling,tightening
East Shea Butter-healing,conditioning
Sugarmulse( wax free )-emulsifier derived from plant sugars and vegetable oils,excellent for delivering actives to skin

Algae Extract and Pullulan-skin tightener,protects human fibroblasts from oxidative stress and encourages the formulation of collagen,which strengthens the skin's connective tissue
Date Seed Extract-antiaging,antioxidant,decreases skin wrinkles significantly,slows the effects of aging,improves skin's natural defense mechanism against oxidative stress
Watermelon Seed Extract-offers protection from daily stressors and damaging free radicals,protect DNA structure of the skin up to 25%
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose-thickener
Cosmocil CQ-preservative
Super Oxide Dismutase-enzyme that repairs cells and reduces current damage to the skin from free radicals, effectively works to encourage healthy fibroblasts ( skin building and repairing of cells ), antioxidant,anti-inflammatory
Vitamin K-helps to reduce redness and supports the capillary system

I personally like that GoW takes the initiative to explain the benefits of each ingredient in their web as it gives the customer a better understanding of the product.

My Experience

This eye cream is creamy in texure and light. A little amount is good enough for both the eye area and you need to tap lightly so to disperse the cream evenly. Though it is emollient, it doesn't leave my eye greasy or oily, which I adore. You won't be able to see the 'well rested' nor 'hydrated' effects immediately or even the next day. But I can say that you will see it after 1 week of using it, both in the morning and night.

I have been using this eye cream, close to 1 1/2 months now and I like how this eye cream is nurturing my eyes. Yes, my eye area is better hydrated and I do noticed slight lightening on my dark circles, about 10%. Though the slightly deep line on my right eye is still there, I can say that it have soften it a little. Can I even add that my eyes don't look tired or sunk down anymore? Below are the before and after pictures.

Before ( 30 June )

After ( 3 Aug )


Though the results and the changes are not dramatic, I like that this eye cream gives good moisturisation to my eye area. My eyes don't look tired as before and I am glad to see slight lightening on my dark circles. This cream can't take away wrinkles or deep lines completely but it sure can soften it a little. Plus, I think this eye cream is very afforable as it does contain some pretty good ingredients. With this, I am giving this product a 4 out of 5.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties. 


  1. I've tried the Perfect My Eyeris gel from Camellia Rose (affiliated with GoW). It was soothing, hydrating and made my eyes look less tired, definitely didn't give me any oil beads. But it sometimes balled up with my MVO sunscreen. So still trying my luck with other products :) If the one I'm using doesn't work out well for me, I'll probably go back to Perfect My Eyeris.

  2. Hi Vivi! Good to know the eye gel you mentioned is working for you. What other products from GoW that you are using now?
    So far, I am really liking this Majik eye cream and definately will repurchase once I'm done with it.

  3. Trying quite a lot so don't know which one to review first, haha. But I'm really happy to have discovered GoW. Their products really are a value for money.

    Here are the products I'm currently trying (names may not be accurate):
    Light and Bright, Pomegranate Anti-Aging Gel, Mandelic Acid 10%, Jen's Green Tea and Shea Cleanser, Apple Stem Cell Serum, Winter moisturizing Cream, Wonderful Detox Serum, chock full of vitamins serum and a couple of oils for my DIY kit. :) Might have missed some 'cause I can't remember them all, lol.

  4. Yeah, their range is pretty overwhelming and priced reasonably too! I had wanted to try some products that you are trying too, particularly the apple stem cell and light & bright. Can't wait to see your results on using the Mandelic Acid! Goes very well with the light & bright. Too bad my skin type is not suitable with for products above.


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