Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Ximenia & Salt Scrub

TBS Spa Wisdom Ximenia & Salt Scrub 350ml MYR 99.00
Daiso Wooden Spoon 2 pcs MYR 5.00

Every woman likes to pamper themselves once in a while. Ironically, my simple form of pampering is giving myself a good body scrub. Since I am using body oils at the moment, I was thinking "Why not I get myself a good body scrub to slough off all the dead skin so that my skin would look FA-BU-LOUS!"

Off I go for some body scrub hunting and my, my....body scrubs don't come in cheap these days. So I resort to step into The Body Shop ( by the way, it's been AGES since I step into this shop ). The last item I ever bought from The Body Shop was those cute little perfume bottles, which since has been a discontinued item. can imagine, it's been more than 10 years.

To cut the long story short, among their range of body scrubs, this one appeals to me the most, mainly because of the scent. This scent is identical to the body balm, which was given to me by a friend, and used during my uni days.

Product Description

A luxuriously creamy cleansing exfoliator with skin softening ximenia oil and Community Trade cocoa butter with an evocative, floral fragrance to leave skin feeling superbly smoothed, softened, revitalised and radiant.


My Experience

The product comes in a nice canister-like packaging, which I must say, the metal clutch is a nuisance to open. It is those 'nice to look at but a pain to use' type. The scrub is thick and skewed towards a balm texture. Have I mentioned that it smells delicious and luxurious at the same time? It really is!

To avoid contamination, I bought a nice wooden spoon from Daiso to scoop up the scrub. ( It just gives you the extra pampering, no? ) Two scoops is just enough for my whole body. What I did was damp my skin first and slowly apply the scrub to my skin in circular movements. The scrub do feel a little harsh at first but once the salt dissolves, it seems better.

However, I find difficulty in disseminating the balm as it can get slippery at times if your skin is more than damp. If your skin is too dry, you will have the same problem too. So, you have to 'work in a way' until the scrub is workable. Not so friendly, isn't it?

Once you rinse it off, it does gives you the smooth to touch and silky skin. Skin does feel moisturised and in a way, makes you feel...lighter. Your skin will also feels like a dream once you follow up with body oil.


I can't wow about this product, even though it have a good scent and gives you the smooth and silky skin. The downpoint of this product, for me, is the packaging and the not-so-friendly scrub. And it is not entirely cheap too. Yeah, this is one of my impulsive buys and not doing thorough research on the net before buying into this.

Spa Wisdom Ximenia & Salt Scrub..I am sorry....after using you for 2 months now, I have to give you a 2 out of 5 rating. Ouch!

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.

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