Monday, 20 June 2011

My Current Skincare Regime

For the last 2 months, I have been faithfully following my new skincare regime and I am pleased to see the improvements it made to my skin. Yay! Since then, I have also added some add ons to the routine, to see if it suits me. Read more to find out what are the current add ons and my updated experience with them.


( Add Ons in bold )
Routine: Cleanse: Occasionally rinse with tepid water or use Ultracalming Cleanser if skin is slightly oily at T-zone > Toner: Dermalogica Multi Active Toner > Moisturise: Marie Veronique Anti Aging Oil+ with a drop of Trilogy's Rosehip Oil> Protect: Marie Veronique Moisturising Facescreen Spf30.

Routine: Cleanse: Double Cleanse with Madara Delicate Cleansing Milk and Ultracalming Cleanser > Toner: Dermalogica Multi Active Toner > Moisturise: Marie Veronique Anti Aging Oil+ with two drops of Trilogy's Rosehip Oil> Repair: Marie Veronique Skin Lightening Serum. Eye: Marie Veronique Eye Serum

Special Care ( Twice/ Three times a week )
Routine( three times a week ): Exfoliate: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant > Masque: Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque

( New Add On )
Routine( twice a week ): Deep Cleansing OCM: Moogoo Cleansing Oil> Masque: DIY Mask with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion

My Experience
For both day and night, you will notice that I've added Rosehip Oil to my current routine. Today, I officially announce that I don't think I can live without this oil! It is really, really suited to my skin and I have seen remarkable results using it. When adding this oil to my Anti Aging Oil Plus, it boost up my skin even further. My skin is always very supple and smooth the day after. I also feel that it had helped lighten my skin and pigmentations too, though I must say that my Skin Lightening Serum is giving that too. Overall, I am loving this!
For Special Care, I am trying out the Oil Cleansing Method(OCM) by using a product from Moogoo. It is still early to say if I have experienced any changes on my skin. I will probably do an update next month. Stay tuned!

As for the DIY Mask ( following the technique introduced by Chizu Saeki ), it is wonderful! I really love the after effect of it, which kept my face supple and plumped up. This is really an effective and yet an inexpensive technique which I know I will keep in my routine.

From my routine, it seemed that I have been putting a lot of products and somewhat complicated, right? The amazing thing is that for the past two months, my skin is a lot more healthier, balanced and no breakouts. It is no longer dull as it used to and my dehydrated skin is loving all the goodies that I am applying. Yay!

I'm curious.... would you like to share what is your daily skincare routine and what are the new add ons that you are trying?


  1. Liking all your posts on organic beauties so far :)

  2. Hi Foxy! Thank you for your compliments!:) Like your blog too! Feel all your enthusiasm just by reading them;)


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