Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Blemish Treatment ( Part 3 ): Bedak Sejuk ( Cooling Rice Powder )

Homemade Bedak Sejuk ( Cooling Rice Powder )

Concluding 'my blemish treatment' trilogy will be this tradional beauty product called Bedak Sejuk ( Cooling Rice Powder ). For me, I would fondly call it 'Sui Fan' ( literally translated to powder water ) because I remember when I was young, my mom would apply them all over my face.

Then, I wasn't sure how this product will do any good to my face because I looked ridiculously ghostly when applied at night. Now, being older and wiser *cough*, I really have to thank my mom for this because I think, it gradually helped me as I don't have severe acne problems when puberty hits. I am very blessed with good skin condition ( up until now ) and my friends would always praise me for my fair and glowing skin.

Read more to know how is it made, the benefits of it and my experience with it.

The Main Ingredient and How It Is Made

I bought mine, which is homemade using the traditional method. High quality of rice grains is first cleaned and soaked for 3 months or until dissolved. ( Some even keep it for a year ) The filtered rice paste is then poured into a clean container and filled again with clean water. The water must be changed every 2-3 weeks to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

To make it into the pastilles, they would then fill some rice paste into a cone ( made of pandan leaves or   mango leaves ) From the cone, they will drop the tiny droplets unto a large clean surface and place under the sun to dry ( with pandan leaves ) for 3 days or more. During the packing process, they would place the dried pandan leaves or jasmine flowers together to get rid of the bad smell. During the olden days, they would usually present this as a gift to relatives or passed on to their grandchildren.

Since mine is homemade, I think they omit the fragrance during the fermentation process. In modern times, usually the process takes only 2 weeks and they may use fragrance to rid the smell. Some pastilles may be white in colour ( means they are using normal bleached rice ) vs organic ones.

Benefits of Rice Powder
As many of us know, rice powder have a wealth of benefits.
  • It's been used in the Asian culture for hundreds of years. In Geisha's culture, rice powder is used to whiten their complexions.
  • Boost UV protection as rice contains a high concentration of para aminobenzoic acid.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothes sunburns, reduce acne and also promotes the skin's repair.  ( Many use rice powder as a natural alternative to soothe baby rashes )
  • Natural skin lightener and smooths skin.
  • Contains ceramide which increases collegen production to make skin more supple and free from wrinkles.
  • Gentle exfoliater, removes dead skin and dissolves pure clogging impurities.
  • Eliminates pimples or whiteheads.
My Experience

I was too excited to try this that I ended up testing it on the night itself.:P Coincidentally that night, I had two breakouts near my nose bridge and felt that the timing was perfect to use the bedak sejuk as a spot treatment since the pimples are still 'fresh'.

I use just two pastilles and add a little bit of water to make it into a paste. However, I realised that I added too much water to it that made it pretty watery. The trick to getting slightly thicker paste is adding water little by little to reach the desired consistency. If it's overly watery, just add more pastilles.

The colour is 'wheatish' brown and it does have a strong fermented smell to it. I apply them overnight and the next day, I realised that this product helps to slowdown the development of the pimple. The pimple did subsided and not as painful as the day before. No kidding!  I was actually very surprised by the speedy effects it gave.

To ensure that the pimple is fully subsided, I continued the same treatment for the next four days. I can happily testify that: It Worked. It subsided fully and the spot also lightens rather quickly. I am 'wowed' by the results honestly. I have used a few acne treatment products before but never one that works as good as this. The previous ones will more often than not, leave a distinctly dark spot that takes a rather long time to lighten.

I am glad to have found a product from the past that works pretty well for me as a natural alternative to spot treatment. I am sure that it works as good too as a purifying facial mask, which I am currently experimenting now. Will update the results soon!

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This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. Hi Jozefin :D

    Since this is a traditional made product, it can be found mostly in Penang, Malacca or Ipoh( where I got mine ).

  2. My mom made hers at home and she gave me a bottle to bring back with me. Used it the most during summer and even the mat salleh hubs say is very cooling. I should start putting it on my face again. Like you, my complexion was great till I hit 30's and now is worse with sun damage!!

  3. You are so lucky that your mom made one for you. It is a treasure, isn't it? :)

    Wow...good to know your hubby likes it too. Yeah, this traditional product is so great in many ways and hope that it will help you with your current skin condition too.

  4. now i feel like making one myself. :S but prob i should just try to look for a home made like this one when i go to those places

  5. :D Homemade ones are rather hard to find these days. In Penang or Malacca, they have loads of it but they are more commercial..I won't say they are bad though.

    Maybe I should start doing one at home soon..that way, I can control the quality of it...hehe

  6. Oh,we have that kind of beads too here.People here say:Bedak Dingin^^.
    I like your blog btw,would love to try some of products you reviewed here later:)

  7. Hi!:D

    Yes, they called it Bedak Dingin as well! Thank you for your compliments and hope that the products I've reviewed here will be suitable for you too.

  8. Can help me to get the home made bedak sejuk? i really really need help to get the homemade bedak sejuk, please help.

    1. Just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

  9. I have this too made by my mom. It is cooling and nice.

  10. Thaaanks! My mom's old maid made these by hand, she gave me like... a ginormous jar of them. (and by ginromous, I mean, I've been using the same stock of rice dots for the last 3 years.) But I want to make sure I know how to make these. Hers are soaked over a year and they are so clean and white and don't have any smell.

    I've tried the processed ones too-- but the home made ones are the best.

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