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Lactic Acid: An All Rounder Natural Ingredient for Face

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This is part of my continuation post of 'My Blemish Treatment'. What I have decided to do here is to write a separate page of the multiple uses of Lactic Acid as the benefits are too overwhelming for me to write :D

I first came to know about the benefits of Lactic Acid when I was reading a featured article posted on Marie Veronique's blog ( To my discovery, it seems to do wonders for your face!

What is Lactic Acid? It is a versatile alpha hydroxy acid derived from sour dairy products and fermented fruits and vegetables.

Proven to Benefit the fight against Aging and Wrinkles

Lactic acid ( LA ) and other alpha hydroxy acids ( AHAs ), such as glycolic acid, are exfoliants that have long since been used to impede or delay skin aging. However, LA and AHAs are different from one another and why LA is better than AHAs because
  • LA is less prone to cause skin irritation because it does not penetrate deeply as AHAs. LA is a top pick for sensitive skin and rosacea prone skin.
  • LA has powerful humectant properties, helping your skin increase water content. Other AHAs tend to have the reverse affect of drying your skin.
  • LA stimulates the natural way your skin stays plump and pliable, proving true hydration beyond the surface levels unlike other AHAs which provide only artificial, temporary benefits.
Safe and Natural Skin Lightening Alternative

LA is one of the many ingredients that fit the bill in terms of natural and safe use for effective skin lightening. The alternatives, like hydroquinone, are known as carcinogens and should be avoided.

Help Against Acne

Acne is a complicated condition and the root causes of acne in general are hormone related. LA helps to dissolve skin impactions without excessively drying and irritating the skin, unlike common comedolytics like benzoyl peroxide.

Types of usage:
  • Cleansers-Exfoliating action of LA will be very gentle, while the humectant properties will keep the skin soft and moist.
  • Serums-Serums containing LA is used at night as a gentle exfoliant and at the same time delivers anti-aging benefits by increasing cell renewal and cell turnover.
  • Facials Mask-Facial mask containing salicylic acid and lactic acid are excellent way to decrease comedones. The salicylic acid is the comedolytic agent, while the lactic acid's humectant properties keep the skin from drying too much. LA increases natural ceramides, the barrier lipids that help the skin retain moisture and keep bacterial growth in check. Lactic acid in high concentrations, more than 10%, helps to improve scarring and discolouration associated with old acne.
DIY Facial Mask

A simple way to get the benefits of lactic acid at home is to use YOGHURT. It contains lactic acid to exfoliate and contain probiotics to help balance bacterial growth on the skin's surface. It is gentle enough to use as face wash daily.

Use 1/2 teaspoon of fat organic yoghurt aand spread it on the face as creamy cleanser, then wash it off.

To use as a facial mask, simply leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off.


The FDA has ruled that AHAs, including lactic acid, do increase sun sensitivity. Special care should be taken when using them as part of your anti-aging skincare regime.
  • Wear broad spectrum suncreen SPF 20 to 30 everyday.
  • Use treatments at night and and never in the day.

Be patient. Natural treatments are slow, but the have the added benefit of being good to your skin. You will see anti-aging effects along with your skin lightening improvements.

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  1. ah! tho i have read it many times, but have never tried the yoghurt on my face ;) now i want it!

    p/s: my stuff still has not arrived ;(

  2. This is really very, very good..especially for dry to dehydrated skin! Keeps pimples at bay too:) You will definately love it.

    The 'goodies' usually takes 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to arrive. Can totally understand your uber excitement.:D

  3. tried yogurt both on my face and my hair and it moisturizes well. Makes my skin look bouncy. I can't say much about how well it exfoliates 'cause I use exfoliating products, too.

  4. Same here..always love the bouncy and hydrated feeling it gives.

    I think the exfoliating is minimal. It is more gentle I suppose.:D

  5. Do you think organic whole milk greek yogurt would work as well?

  6. Great share all about organic face wash products.
    glycolic face wash organic


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