Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Blemish Treatment ( Part 2 ): Lactic Acid

Last week, I have shared the multiple benefits of using Latic Acid for face. ( Highly recommended to all readers to read ). In this Part 2 of my experimental blemish treatment, I am going to share with you my experience in using Lactic Acid as a facial mask to combat my hormone related acnes.

In short, Lactic acid ( versatile alpha hydroxy acid derived from sour dairy products and fermented fruits and vegetables ):  
  • Fight against Aging and Wrinkles
  • It is a safe and natural Skin Lightener alternative
  • Help against Acne
Read on to know whether this particular ingredient have helped me with my acne problems....

My Experience

To benefit the goodness of lactic acid, I use yoghurt as my facial mask in my weekly facial regime at home. I usually apply and leave it on for 10 minutes after exfoliating with my Daily Microfoliant ( containing salicylic acid ).

I've always had masks that smells great but let me tell you that with this one, the smell is not pleasant... but I endured it anyway because I know it will be beneficial for my skin :D However, after rinsing the yoghurt off, my face is plumped upmoist and smooth to touch. I love it...despite the smell!

During my allergy case ( read HERE ), this yoghurt mask did help me to calm and soothe my rashes. I believe that it helped me when paired with the Irritable Skin Balm from Moogoo.

Did it work for:
  • Fight against Aging and Wrinkles. Verdict: It's too soon to tell because I don't have any noticeable wrinkles to begin with :D However, because of the plumping and hydration effect that it gives to my skin, I do believe it does increase the water content of my skin, hence less wrinkles
  • It is a safe and natural Skin Lightener alternative. Verdict: Overall , I do see lightening on my skin as well as my old acne scars...but it may not be the main contributing factor here as I am still using my Skin Lightening Serum with my Vitamin C powder as well. You need prolong usage of this mask to see the effects.
  • Help against Acne. Verdict: Yes and No actually. It did help to contain my tiny whiteheads from becoming pustules stage( inflammed, appears as a red circle with white or yellow center ) and eventually subside in the next two days. However, I don't see any improvements if my acne have reached pustules stage.
I have been incorporating this method in my regime for 2 1/2 months now and honestly, I love this yoghurt mask more than my Dermalogica Hydrating Mask. ( I have since traded my expensive store bought mask with this yoghurt mask ) I can seriously feel that it works better, in terms of hydration and balancing up my skin. I find that it works very well for my dry skin type too.

This mask has taken it's place as my staple mask in my weekly facial regime as it is all natural and it is inexpensive too! It is also a versatile mask which I can add with:
  • Oatmeal- Exfoliating, Reduces pore size, nourishing.
  • Honey- Retains moisture to skin, keeps wrinkles at bay, mild antimicrobial action.
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  1. I love yogurt mask too...only thing is, opening one up means I need to use it regularly or it'll be wasted.

  2. Same here! Used to buy a big tub but later, resort to buying the smaller ones ( 50 ml )to prevent wastage. Not sure about you but somehow, I can't bring myself to 'consume it orally' without any added natural flavorings.:P


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