Thursday, 8 September 2011

Do you use a separate towel for your face?

(Image taken from Better Homes and Garden)

I use to practice this habit when I was young but as years go by, I kinda dropped this good habit and resort to the usual '2 in 1 habit', which is using my bath towel for my face as well!

Recently, I adopted back the good old habit when I was experiencing bad breakouts and allergy due to an unsuitable product. ( Read my experince HERE ) I was really concern with the allergy and I will try other methods to not to aggrevate it further.

By using a separate towel for my face, it had helped me to calm the condition and even promotes faster healing! I also noticed that I have fewer breakouts ( especially at my forehead ) and I haven't found any blackheads at my chin area. I know now that I can never go back to using my bath towel for my face EVER again. The thought of it gives me visions of germs and bacteria, eating their way to my pores to find a new home.

I have also discovered that there are several benefits by adopting this good habit, which:
  • Helps to heal and prevent acne. Conditioners and shampoo's often contain oils and substances that clog pores and causes acne. Imagine this~ you use your bath towel to dry both your hair and body. The remaining substances are then transferred to the towel, which later on, you use it for your face. You now know where is it transferred to, right? Yup, to your face and hence, a new acne is formed.
  • Lower the risk of re-introducing germs and bacteria to your skin. I usually wash my bath towel once a week and I would usually hang my towel on a rack for it to dry. However, a weeks' time is a party for the germs to manifest to form new homes, right there in your towel.
  • Helps to prevent blackheads. Blackheads are small composites of dust, oil and bacteria in the pores of the skin. By using separate a towel for your face, you are minimising the chances of these unnecessary buildup.
So, for maintaining a good, clear and healthy skin, I would say go for the "One towel, One face" policy!


  1. I definitely agree, use separate towels!
    Its so much cleaner. I have one for bath, one for hands, and one for face.. and I wash them weekly (though i think that may not be frequent enough) :)

  2. Glad that you agree with this too! Yeah, sometimes I feel that I want to wash them at least twice a week too but laziness does gets to me..haha. Anyway, I am really happy I adopted this method back again.

  3. Never thought of using different towels, simply for ease of use. Great suggestion, I'll try it out.

  4. You will love it! It is a great habit to adopt.

  5. Yup. That is promoting good hygiene not only on your face but to your entire body as well. Keep up the good habit! :)

  6. wow.. you discovered my trick!!


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