Sunday, 17 April 2011

Why I started this blog

I started this blog, mainly in search of good natural/organic products especially for skincare. My journey started when I was noticing that my skin condition didn't really improve after being faithful to my current skincare product for 5 years. Beauty therapist will call it 'maintaining' your skin condition, wherelse I was pretty tired of the same answer by beauty therapist to my frequently asked questions:

1) Q: Why my blackheads are so stubborn?
    A: Because you didn't do your masque and exfoliation enough.

2) Q: Why my skin is always dry, despite using your recomendations on additional add on
    A: Because you didn't drink enough water, didn't have sufficient sleep or that you are going
        through hormonal changes.
3) Q: Why my skin started to have pigmentations despite using your best sunscreen product
          being offered?
    A: Because you didn't include our night treatment for night time. Here is our top of the
        range product that will help you to counter your problems efficiently...

You may have noticed that the answers given by the beauty therapist will always reflect my lack of care for my skin instead of certain insufficiency of their products. I understand that the efficiency of certain skincare products varies because all of us have different skin conditions and lifestyles. But in my case, certain products didn't really work out for me. I think I have given a fair amout of time for the product which I am using to see changes and improvements, that now I am ready to venture out in search of better products that are suitable for me.

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