Sunday, 17 April 2011

Safe and Harmful Ingredients in your Products

As you know, I am actively looking for a better alternative to my current skincare product. During the last 3 weeks, I have approached 1 or 2 brands and requested samples to try out first before I make a haul. Why we need to do this because we may be allergic to certain ingredients, even though some may assure you that it is 100% natural. Please keep in mind that even if they tell you they are using all natural ingredients, they may contain certain preservatives like methylparabens or propylparaben, that may be harmful to  your skin.

I am slowly learning how to read ingredients from the back of the product and try to learn the properties of an ingredient. I came across this website Skin Deep, a safety guide to cosmetic and personal care products. It has become a very useful website or tool for me to check the ingredients before I make a purchase and check if my current skin care products may contain harmful ingredients. ( Lo and behold, my current ones does have )

Through this experience, it have changed my views on certain brands. My skincare quest now evolves to using non irritant products, safe and effective natural ingredients( could be plant based or organic ) and sharing with others on my journey.


  1. hi I also started being coscious about the ingredients in my beauty products and I now try actively to avoid "ugly" ingredients like parabens, sulfates, I recently found out about Tetrasodium EDTA (my beloved Garnier cleanser has this! yuck), I even hate and avoid fragrance! lol. I get put off when I see "fragrance". :/ anyway, I believe for me it's a good start at least that I'm now aware and coscious and don't go and shell out money even on badget-friendly brands. (even on Pharmaceutical brands, they have ugly stuff, too.) whether it's high end or not, I've become very wary now! :)))

    oh I also agree with you about being allergic. I have broken out from natural brands (and read a lot of people break out,too) and at first I thought it was so odd but then it's logical. even natural ingredients don't agree with everyone's skin, despite all the claims of "hypoallergenic", "organic" etc.. =)

    1. Hi Denise. This is a beginning stage of awareness and glad that you took the first step to opt for more natural or organic based products. May I stressed too the importance of reading the ingredients with care. Some products, though they say that it is natural, may contain some ingredients which are harmful.

      During my journey, I also learnt that natural/organic based products does not come cheap.:P Being a budget-friendly person, I won't spend more than I can afford and would only spend a little more on skincare eg serums or oils. Just trying to strike a balance.


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