Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: L'occitane Ma Creme Moisturizing Cream

L'occitane Ma Creme Moisturising Cream 50ml RM 155 and RM 118 for refills

L'occitane Ma Creme Nature was launched last year and here is a little bit about Ma Creme, which is taken from L'occitane's website:

Certified organic by ECOCERT, Ma Creme Nature is a moisturizing cream that you can prepare at home and keep in your refrigerator. Its quick and easy-to-prepare formula, with organic olive tree extracts, brings your skin nothing but the essential ingredients it needs to stay lastingly moisturized, and glowing with health. It allows skin to recuperate from daily over-stimulation, leaving it revived and more receptive to your regular routine with a soft and gentle touch.

Written on the packaging:
100% natural gateway for your skin. Free of chemical addictives. Ma Creme allows you to:
  • avoid certain synthetic ingredients, such as sun filters, preservatives and artificial colouring, and replace them with simple ingredients that are more compatible with your skin.
  • relax your skin, which is subjected to numerous harsh factors each day, notably the use of highly concentrated creams that are overactive at first, before your skin grows accustomed to them and stops revealing results.
Certified organic by Ecocert. 100% of total ingredients are of natural origin. 20.8% of total ingredients are from Organic Farming.

This is basically a DIY cream and needs to be refrigerated and used within 6 weeks. I started using Ma Creme since last year and currently at my second bottle. When I know my skin needs to a take a break, this is where this cream comes into place.

My experience:
It is fun mixing your own cream from home( especially with the tiny whisk ). The mixture have to be refrigerated 24 hours before using for the cream to become smooth and thick. To avoid contamination, a spatula is provided in the packaging as well. I love the consistency of the cream, lovely smell and especially loving how the cream really works for me. My skin is very well hydrated, smooth and refreshed within days of using. No breakouts or irritations! I know this cream was right for me when my facial therapist commented that my face looked good and well hydrated. She knows very well of my skin condition and was surprised to see it refreshed. ( I ended up recommending this product to her...lol ). However, I did noticed that my T zone area is oilier than usual due to my combination skin. I used more of the cream on both my cheeks and neck and apply lightly on my T zone area and it works. 

I give this product a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It works wonderfully for my skin, giving great hydration and my skin really benefited from it. My husband, who have slightly larger pores and oily skin, benefited from this cream too. I noticed that his skin is even toned, healthier and there were no breakouts for him. He looked more radiant! The only cons for this product is that you have to finsh it within 6 weeks. Well, it shouldn't be a problem if you were to share it with someone ( like in my case, my husband! )

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