Sunday, 17 April 2011

It all started with my skin

Generally, when I was growing up, I have very good complexion, often receiving numerous compliments from everyone. I am blessed with smooth, fair skin and with rare acne occurrence. Things started to change when I hit 30 where I noticed light pigmentation on my skin and rather sensitive to the sun. However, my pores were at a normal size. I am in my mid 30's and noticed rather drastic changes in my skin condition in 5 years time. Now I have:

  • Combination skin, mostly very dry on both my cheeks with slight oiliness on forehead and nose area. I have a long dissatisfaction with my blackheads, which are accumulated after years of negligence. I have many many facial therapist telling me how stubborn my blackheads are. I think my blackheads were far more worse 5 years back and that was when I first started doing my facials programs.
  • Over the years, I have started to notice that my pores were getting larger near my nose area and that I started to have pigmentations on both my cheeks.
Here I am, dumbstrucked, thinking that I am able to maintain my ( used to ) healthy skin by using good range products with regular face facials. Well, going for facials and maintaining good daily face regime may have slowed down the process at some point..however, I was not pleased with my skin looking dull with uneven tone and most of the problematic conditions I faced written above.

Basically, all of us will go through these stages and as for me, I know that now:
  • my pigmentations will not go away...I will look for safe alternatives( not laser treatments ) to reduce my pigmentations.
  • soften my blackhead areas by weekly exfoliation( hope it helps..)
  • minimizing pore areas by looking for safe serums
  • love my skin with better and safe skincare products 
And lastly, learning to embrace the aging process...


  1. I'm in my late 20's and true, things started to change in my skin.

  2. Hi Rae! Sadly, it is true and it's good to take more better care of it. I started this blog, in hope that it will help someone who is experiencing the same problem as me.


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