Saturday, 23 April 2011

So many products to choose from, which shall I buy?

I am sure many of us have been through that, or occasionally still is, as there are so many new offerings in the market right now. Some claim to have all the ingredients you ever need in the bottle to solve all your skin condition. Well, I am skeptical about those 'all in one' product claims though. My personal thought is that, the more ingredients added in the bottle, the more 'diluted' each ingredient is and the efficiency of each ingredient, ie vitamin E, will be less pronounced to your skin. These few days, I have been bombared by many product offerings which left me being fickled, and seems that I will be spending more money than I usual. I realised that we need take one step at a time:
  • Identify what you need to treat your skin. These days, I know that I needed to find something to treat my scars( due to insect bites ) for my skin. After much research, I know I need Vitamin E for scar healing, or Rosehip oil, that promises lightening for scars and overall healing. I chose topical Vitamin E at the moment so to treat the scars first. If your concern is treating pigmentations, invest in a product have topical ingredients ie: Vitamin C that to treat your skin first. From my side, I try to look for products that are more 100% natural or organic so that they do not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Treat your skin and give your skin time for healing. Don't be tempted to try other new things during this time of treatment and healing. Give your body the nurturing it needed and patience to see the healing comes.
  • Maintainence comes after healing. From my personal experience, I know that my skin is very dehydrated and skin renewal process is slow. Once I have completed healing the scars, I know I need something to maintain it and keep it healthy. I have heard so much about the benefits of pomegranate oil, their anti-oxidant properties that fight free radicals and skin aging. It is used to heal, protect, moisturize dry or irritated skin, as well as for ezcema. Now I know that is what I would prefer for my skin and now it is a good time to do some research on products that offer this.
During this journey, I've learnt to know what you need for your skin. We are always tempted to buy other things with many good reviews but it may not be necessary for your skin at this point. Invest in something ( may not necessarily be expensive ) to first treat and then followed by the sequence as I've written above.

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