Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Yoghurt with Bedak Sejuk ( Cooling Rice Powder ) Mask

Those who read my blog regularly knows that I have this love affair with yoghurt mask. I have been consistantly using this as my mask and it has become a staple mask for me. My skin has reaped great benefits from it, both in moisturization and evening out my skin tone too.

On the other hand, I love the benefits of rice powder as well. I have read some site that recommended adding rice powder to yoghurt as it claims to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and helps in brightening. So I have decided to amped up my yoghurt mask with my bedak sejuk pastilles.

More Facts about the Benefits of Yoghurt..

Yogurt is a proven treasure-trove of enriching elements like zinc, calcium, lactic acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B-6 and B-12, protein, and yeast. It holds rich deposits of friendly bacteria that boost overall health as well as that of the hair and skin. Yogurt has a multitude of benefits that will surely work wonders for your hair and skin problems.

Yogurt has many healthy enzymes and adds natural oils to the skin. It can diminish pore size, a frequent nuisance for the skin, and can improve the overall skin texture, besides adding a healthy glow to your skin. You can also use yogurt to treat your acne and acne scar. It helps to clear your skin too because it is rich in zinc.

My Experience

I use a half a tablespoon of yoghurt and mixed 3-5 pastilles to it.  If you have oily prone skin, you may add more rice pastilles or powder because this is a wonderful mask to help to absorb the oil but balances up your skin with moisture at the same time because of the yoghurt.

Smooth this paste over your face and leave it on for about ten minutes, then wash it off with warm water.
Yes, it is as simple as that and your face does feels soft and much smoother, than using yoghurt alone!

Because my skin is now back to normal, I do have slightly oily area at my T zone. This combo is a great once a week purifying mask for me as it helps to balance up my skin and helps in oil control.
I've been using this mask for 2 months now and I do have to say it helps in hydrating my skin and gives me  brighter complexion each time. For wrinkles, well...it's too soon to tell because I don't have any major issues with it to begin with.

One thing I love to use yoghurt as a mask because it is so verstile and inexpensive! You can add rolled oats, which helps to minimize your pores or manuka honey for extra moisturization. It is certainly one of the many great wonders that God created for us all to enjoy.

Tips: You may replace the bedak sejuk with rice powder ( preferably organic/ unbleached ) for this mask.


  1. i am really intrigue by your home made bedak sejuk, but i havent been able to find a home made one yet :(

  2. Yeah, it's kinda hard to find bedak sejuk in KL but if you are planning a trip to Penang anytime soon, you will find loads there! Those are good as well..

    Not sure if you heard of CKC( Cheong Kim Chuan ), penang before. Check out their site, they do sell it: http://www.ckc.com.my/page/products/other-products

  3. The yogurt mask is indeed a good skin brightener, however, I get little zits all over my face the very moment I wash it off. I put it on for about 15 minutes or till it dries. I have to add the bedak sejuk the next try.

  4. oooh yah!!! i know tht CKC brand. love the nugmet balm for insect bites :D their rice pastilles good? does it contain those chemicals? i will be making a trip to penang maybe next month :D

  5. Hi Dawn! The little 'zits' may be symptoms of allergy. It's like little tiny bumps, most visible around the nose and chin area? Probably, you may need to minimise the time to 10 mins when doing the mask because your skin is sensitive.

    I used to have that too when I use yoghurt the first time. My skin was very sensitive at that time. After using it the 2nd time, it was fine. However, I would always get the tiny bumps if AHA is applied to me! So, AHA is a no no to me.

  6. Hi Xin! Yeah, yeah...that's the one! I am not sure about the ingredients though cos they didn't really feature their ingredient listing on the product.

    However, not to worry. When you are in Penang, try to source from the non-tourist spots where they sell local products. Should you prefer homemade ones, you may find them at their morning markets( pasar pagi ). I got mine in Ipoh at the market.

    Natural ones are easy to identify. They are not fragrant and their colour is not entirely white. More ashy in colour. Oh, get the ones with the dried screwpine leaves.

  7. Yes, those little tiny bumps around the nose and chin. Do you put the mask under your eyes, too? I am not sure coz i did it once and there were zits there too!!! Arghhh!!! I thought since it's dry under the eyes, the yogurt will help moisturize them. It helps but the zits.... :(

    I'm going to try tonight with less yogurt mix with sui fun, leave on for 10 minutes and see what's the results I get.

  8. Ahhh...those tiny bumps are signs of allergy. I did try putting the mask near my eye area and so far, there isn't any problem. That being said, the eye area is the most delicate so if you are prone to sensitivity, it's best to avoid it. Try using a good eye cream on the area so to keep it well moisturised.

    Oooo...let me know the results of the sui fan combo ya:)Hope it works for you!

  9. I tried the mask with sui fun last night. The results are better than using just yogurt. There are very little tingling sensation which i think I left it on for around 10 and was already drying, and only one tiny zit on the zit. I am going to try it again this Saturday.

  10. That is great news! Good that this combo works for you..though you had one zit. Hopefully you won't have the zit problem again when you try this on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

  11. My grandma made this by herself, I put it on my face whole day, i mean those acne and scars there, wonder it works or not. Started to do this few days ago, hope i can lighten the scars and reduce acne :(

    1. Wow, you are so blessed cos you can get it straight from your grandma:) You will definitely experience acne subsiding, if applied frequently. As for the lightening, you will probably need more time to see visible results. Hope it works for you!

  12. Hello,

    I came across your post while researching for Bedak Sejuk. I wonder if I can use it everyday without drying my skin, as I believe it would contain Pitera, which is used in SK 2 products...for generally brighter and clearer skin. What is our experience, can it be used daily


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