Thursday, 10 November 2011

Review: Marie Veronique Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplement ( New Formula )

MVO Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplement 50 capsules USD 60

I was given a sample of this during my first haul of MVO products. I tried it and...I liked it!! I quickly purchase this in full size in my next haul and to my surprise, they have reformulated this as many users have a hard time getting the Vitamin C to dissolve easily.

According to MVO, this new Vitamin C supplements contain the same ingredients but are ground finer, are grit free, and completely dissolve into the serums to provide a seamless application providing the highest quality and freshest delivery of Vitamin C.

Now, on to my reviews...

A little bit about Vitamin C

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is one of the most effective ingredients in keeping skin vibrant and healthy. There is strong evidence to support the benefits of topical application of Vitamin C to the skin which include increased collagen synthesis (which will thicken and plump the skin) and moisture retention through the strengthened skin cells. Topical treatments of Vitamin C at sufficient concentrations are also useful in combating hyper-pigmentation and can improve the appearance and texture of sun damaged skin.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, Vitamin C provides powerful antioxidants that reduce damage caused by free radicals from environmental and UV stressors. Vitamin C has also been shown to fight against tumor formation, which may help to slow the development of skin cancers.

The benefits of Vitamin C are widely accepted but a less known fact is that you must be mindful of the delivery system. Vitamin C is unstable and will begin to oxidize (break down) when exposed to air, light or liquid. If oxidized, Vitamin C becomes incapable of delivering any benefits and may even be potentially harmful, acting as an oxidant increasing the formation of free radicals!

Product Description

  • Stimulates collagen production and repairs free radical damage, making skin smoother and evening out skin tones
  • Provides extra skin lightening support with a uniquely effective form of kojic acid, a natural byproduct of sake fermentation, and dipotassium glycyrrhizate
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation with licorice root, Niacinimide and n-acetyl glucosamine
  • Delivers Vitamin C and other rejuvenators to the skin in powder form, dramatically improving their effectiveness
  • Use in conjunction with any of our serums for advanced skin brightening
Ingredients:  l-ascorbic acid, kojic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, n-acetyl glucosamine, niacinamide
No oil soluble Vitamin C forms that are less effective or liquids that can cause the Vitamin C to oxidize.

As previously said, I had wanted to try mixing my own Vit C serum but because L-Ascorbic Acid is unstable and oxidises quickly, I certainly wouldn't like to make any boo boo and ruin the Vit C serum all together. I am pretty happy that MVO provided a good alternative to Vit C application and, it contain other great ingredients too!

My Experience

I use this at night, at the last step after I apply my toner, Moisture Serum and anti-aging oil. The application is pretty simple, I mix the powder from the whole capsule with1 pump of my Skin Lightening Serum. 

I must say that the new formula is much finer and dissolve easily with the serum. That said however, it still leave some tiny, tiny bits of reside and with this, I can't say that I can slide the serum easily on my face like any other serums. What I can do is rub it between my palms and gently tap it on my face for about 30 seconds until it absorbs. I have sensitive skin and at times, I do feel some tingling sensation once applied. I am not sure about others but for me, some of the powders cannot be fully absorbed and I still feel some residue on my face. What I did is follow up a tiny bit of moisturizer to seal it all in.

The next morning, I can tell you that your skin will feel amazing! My skin is plump up, smooth to touch and with prolong use, I see great changes on my skin tone, my pigmentations and acne scars. I do feel that my skin is much firmer too. Double yay!

As mentioned in my October skincare regime, I only use this Vit C supplement 3 times a week after exfoliation and my yoghurt mask. Do bear in mind that you need to wear sunscreen daily should you use Vit C as a treatment.


I really, really like that this supplement greatly improves my skin tone, pigmentation and old acne scars. Personally, I think using Vit C is top of the class in dealing with pigmentation problems. Not only that, it also stimulates collagen production that firms up your skin ( simply put it, you will have the 'tiong tiong' effect ).
With this, I am giving this product a rating of 4 out of 5. The only downside is that though it is finer than the previous formula, it still leave behind a powdery residue. Because it stays on your skin, you need to be careful when with your sleeping position as some will stain your pillowcases or sheets!

Tips: Try to finish up the supplements in 3 months time as Vit C is unstable and oxidises quickly when exposed to air, light or liquid. If oxidized, Vitamin C becomes incapable of delivering any benefits and may even be potentially harmful, acting as an oxidant increasing the formation of free radicals.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. This would be my next purchase. However I'm worried about the tingling sensation with straight Vit C on the face. I want to say the skin lightening serum has lighten my skin a lot and a bit on the pigmentation. My problem now is the two different colors of my face and neck.

  2. If it is the first time that you are using Vit C for face, you will definitely experience the tingling sensation. You might want to request for a sample first before making the full purchase..just to make sure you are comfortable with it.:) solve the two different colors on face and neck, be sure to apply some skin lightening serum on your neck too.( I had the same problem too )

  3. have seen so many positive reviews for this capsules. and at the same time i read some DIY guide for vit-c serum :P am undecided, whether to go for the safer option or to adventure

  4. I reckon you are on a DIY adventure now, eh? Should you like to embark on doing your own Vit C, try it using a simple recipe and do note that it is best to use it within 2 weeks time as it oxidises rather fast.

    I like it quick and easy with no hassle and no wastage so I opt for this..haha


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