Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Which part of your body do you spend the most on?

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I post this question because of late, I realised that I've been spending quite a significant amount on money ever since I started blogging and paying more attention to beauty products. I seldom go on an impulsive buying spree but still....it has taken a slight toll on my credit card. Sigh! I then start to re-examine and try to see which part that I spend the most on.

The answer is...

Number 3


In this category, I spend it mostly on body washes. I usually have 2 shower gels in my bathroom: normal priced ones ( Eucerin, Burt Bees or Esmeria ) and a 'luxe' one to pamper myself, mainly from L'occitane. I just love smelling nice and wonderful before going to sleep. Secondly, I spend on body oils, lotions, deodorants and scrubs. For body oils, I usually like to do my own because it's more economical and result oriented in a long run. 

Do note that I usually buy them all when they are at discounted and seldom ( or never ) buy them at full price.

Number 2


I recently had my hair permed and treated so the big chunk of money goes there. I noticed that when you do something new to your hair, you will usually spend more on better shampoos or hair treatments.
In this category, my investments is usually on shampoos, hair treatments and conditioners.

and finally......

Number 1

Face ( It's pretty obvious )

Yeah...I think 99% of most woman spend in this part the most. Besides spending on skincare alone, we are spending on makeup too!

For me, I spend mostly on skincare products ( serums, cleansers, exfoliants, toners, facial oils, facescreen ) Facial treatments fall into this category too! Secondly, my money goes to makeup. ( Recently, my makeup products seems to be stacking up...eek! )

So I am curious, which part do you spend most on? Please share :D


  1. Like you, I spent the most on skincare. The older I am, the vainer I get, a total opposite of when I was in my 20's. It's most probably the hyper pigmentation that my friends are commenting I should do somthing about them that stirred my so call obession now!. I think I'm satisfied now that I have my MVO products in my hands as of writing this! LOL

  2. Hi Dawn! Wow..good that you are using MVO at the moment. Hope that it helps with your pigmentation problems like it helped me. Pigmentation is always a problem, esp when one gets a little older...like me too:P

    I totally, totally agree with you: the older we get, the vainer we can be. There goes our $$$$ too:D

  3. it seems like MVO is getting a lot of love from all over! can't believe that i have never tried any of their products. my #1 spending is on the face, #2 body, #3 is hair.

    i am trying to keep hair care as simple as possible as i have annoyingly oily scalp, hence only a simple wash, conditioner, and sometimes hair mask.

  4. Oh, you must give MVO a try! It is probably one of the best investments for skincare. They do cost a little bit more but they are worth it, seeing what it can do to your skin.

    Hmm..seems our face will always take top priority over the other parts :P Well..at least the other is getting some TLC from us too.

  5. Used to be my hair but now still my face.

  6. Hmm...face seems to be 1st for most of us.


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