Thursday, 17 November 2011

Do you clean your hairbrush often?

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How many of us clean our hairbrushes often? If some do, do you clean them weekly? Yearly? Or once every 2 years?

Unfortunately, I am not brought up with the habit of cleaning my brush often. In 'those' days, I would usually resort to purchase a new one once my brush is a little wear off. Not very environmentally friendly, isn't it? And not wise either, I may add.

I have with me my old faithful Vidal Sasson brush, which I have been using for 10 years and has travelled with me wherever I go. Surprisingly, it is still in very, very good condition...despite that I haven't clean it since I bought it. I do, occasionally clear any hair remnants from my brush and rinse it off with water, but that's about it.*Sheepish smile* I am ashamed to have committed a serious offence, in the unhygienic category. 

However, all is not lost...I cleaned it thoroughly a couple of weeks ago and I am glad that I did that. The amount of dirt that I cleaned off was unspeakable of course. Accumulated dust and hair remnants. I feel much much better now using a clean hair brush to I brush my hair. I constantly would remind myself to be more disciplined to wash my hair brush every month.

Washing it is easy peesy. Just get a new toothbrush as shown below:

Apply some shampoo on the tips of the toothbrush and brush away, concentrating especially at the base of the hair brush.

Finally, rinse the hairbrush thoroughly and let it air dry.

I have learnt that sometimes, we tend to forget to do some simple housekeeping on our everyday items. Just like our skin that gets special attention, our everyday items must be showered with some TLC too.

So, do share if you have some items that you have been neglecting and in need of some good old love from us.


  1. when i was using plastic combs last time, i just soaked them in hot water with shower gel. now that i have 'upgraded' my comb, i do take care of it by cleaning once a month, by using Q tip :D because the gap between the tooth is so small that only Qtip can reach. still prefer the good old way to soak it tho

  2. Yeah, a simple way to disinfect for those plastic ones, soak and rinse I would say.

    Using Q tip is a good idea Xin..hmm, must use that tip next time.:D But then, it would take a longer time to clean the brush tips one by one, no?

  3. since i have my hair cut to a short bob i'm using a wide tooth comb, and don't require any hair spray, etc, i seldom wash my comb. *shame* and if I wash it, it goes right into the dishwasher! (goodness, can't believe I wrote this!! )

  4. Dishwasher is the first I've heard but also not a bad idea..haha. Maybe some readers out there will adopt your method.:)

    I love honesty and this blog is all about it. I salute you Dawn for your honesty.:)*Hugs*

  5. Aiyah...I wanted to do so this morning but didn't. Now reading your post reminds me...I gotta go and clean up. My brushes are looking horrendous!


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