Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals Moisture Rich Wash

If you are a frequent follower to my blog, you might know that Johnson's baby products are my staple bodycare( from baths to lotions ). My preference towards baby or kid's products is because they use milder ingredients, in oppose to adult ones, that contains harmful or harsh ingredients. Generally, I find that baby products cost  cheaper too. Many of you would know by now that I am on a quest to search for more safer products. Honestly, safer products=Pricey or costly. So I am looking for more 'budget friendly' + safe products, mainly for daily usage of shower creams, shampoo or cleansing gel/milk. Why? I personally believe that one should not spend more on products that you are rinsing off after using it only for a few minutes.

Coming back to this review, I know that this product is worthy to mention in my reviews. Of all the Johnson's baby products, this is my favourite! I bought many bottles of this after falling in love with it at my first wash. Sadly, this product is no longer available in Malaysia anymore but my hopes were up when I saw it in Bangkok. Here is a brief product description:

Johnson's baby soothing naturals combines the gentleness of Johnson's with the soothing powers of nature. Johnson's baby soothing naturals Moisture Rich Wash is made easy with a unique blend of Vitamin E, olive leaf extract and skin essential minerals. This creamy wash helps restore lost moisture, helps relieve dryness to keep baby's skin soft and healthy. This No More Tears Moisture Rich Wash pampers baby's skin without stinging baby's delicate eyes. It is clinically proven mild, hypoallergenic and thoroughly tested by dermatologists, so you can trust it for everyday use.

My Experience:
As said, I fell in love with this product at the first wash. It smells so wonderful ( The best smelling Johnson's baby product ever ) and it certainly is moisturizing to my skin. Unlike other shower creams, the lather is minimal and I like it. After usage, my skin is smooth, smells great and replenishes my dry skin. I gave a bottle to my sister and niece, who have ezema prone skin and their skin did not itch or dry out after using this. They did experience itch and dryness with other Johnson's product but not this one and they love this too!

I have to give this a 5 out of 5 rating because I really adore this product. Comes in a great long lasting pump bottle too! I have one bottle left and I treat it like a gem. I am really hoping that Johnson & Johnson in Malaysia will continue with this product. I am sure this product will certainly do well for people who are cautious about irritant ingredients. For me, this product is love, love, love.

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