Saturday, 14 May 2011

One Balm that We Can't Live Without!

Po Sum On Healing Balm HK$15 ( RM 5.80 )

I am pretty sure that some of us do have some items that we absolutely bring with us wherever we go. Some would say it's their favourite lipstick while some others can't live without their hand moisturisers or their lip balms. As for me ( and my family members ), it will be this Po Sum On Healing Balm. This balm surpasses all other healing balms that are currently in the market. It is used for ( as indicated in the leafet ):
  • Temporary relief of: Minor pains and aches of muscles or joints associated with simple bruise and sprain.
  • Mild headache and dizziness due to motion sickness.
  • Chest discomfort associated with bronchial cough.
  • Mild abdominal pain and discomfort induced by chill.
  • Itching associated with insect bites.
Ingredients: Botanicals of oleum menthae, mentholum, daemonorops draco, oleum cinnamoni, camelia oleifera. The balm also contains essences extracted from several herbs prepared by esoteric and proprietary process. This preparation contains no scheduled poison.

I would usually use this balm if I encounter problems stated above or I will to dab some on my joints to ward off insects. The eucalyptus scent of this balm is quite acute and it is great when I have blocked nose. A little sniff of the balm and my nose is cleared. It does offer great relief to my tired feet or neck as well. However, be cautioned that you do not use this balm on any broken areas of your skin because it will sting.  Other than that, I can only say praises about this balm is because : It really works! Unfortunately, it is not available here in Malaysia and can only be found in certain dispensaries in Hong Kong. I know Bonjour in Hong Kong do have, but you can get better prices from nearby dispensaries.We would usually buy 2-3 dozens of this balm whenever our family members are in Hong Kong. Call us crazy but it is really worth it! So the next time that you are in Hong Kong, believe me, this will be the best thing that you ever get from Hong Kong!

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