Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Reads: Guide for Selecting Skin Care Products for Body

I've grown to love Marie Veronique Organics a lot and I just love reading her blog. From her blog, I've learnt quite a number of things regarding our skin conditions, ingredients and even articles like this one. I thought this is informative and would like to share the pointers from this article to those who are following my blog.

Look for Safe Scents:

1) Avoid fragrance or “parfum”.
Some products will describe their fragrance as “natural,” or “derived from natural sources.” If the sources are not listed it may contain synthetic fragrance.

2) If you are looking for an unscented product, buy products marked “fragrance-free”.
An unscented product may still contain a masking scent.

3) Buy products made with essential oils.
Products containing essential oils are a good alternative to those made with synthetic fragrances. The product should list should list all the essential oils it contains. If you have an allergy problem don’t settle for “Brand X’s proprietary oil blend.” This is not enough information. Citrus essential oils can photosensitize skin and should be avoided.

Moisturize Safely and Effectively:

1) Look for a good proportion of oils to water.
If you like lotions, look for products containing a reasonable number of oils in addition to water content. There are a number of good oils to choose from that are stable and high in essential fatty acids. Some good are: sunflower seed, avocado, apricot kernel, coconut and jojoba.

2) Look for cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils.
Solvent extractions can leave traces of contaminants in the end product.

3) Avoid products containing mineral oil and petrolatum.
Mineral oil, aka petrolatum, is a by-product of petroleum. It can clog pores and eventually dry the skin rather than moisturize it.

In the following week, I will continue with the articles of " Why Avoid Fragrances" and "Water, Wax and Oils in Skincare"

So, whenever you are purchasing a new product, use this guide to ensure that you are choosing a safe product for your skin.

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