Monday, 9 May 2011

Have you ever been snubbed? Here is my story....

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I am rather positive that many of us has been in that situation where we are frequently snubbed by BA (beauty advisors) when we ask for samples or even browsing through their products at their counters. I am writing this in relation to my recent experience when I have decided to make a new haul in my skincare products. For me, I have dry, sensitive skin and I am very careful in selecting any products that I intend to put on my face and to see if the product is worthwhile before I make the full purchase. From the samples, I would usually check the ingredients in the cosmetic database, to see if they contain any harmful ingredients or not.

I had an unfortunate incident with not one, but TWO brands when I approach them. The first from 'Brand A', which I explained to the BA that was I interested in a particular product and I requested for a sample of it and nothing else. I was told that the sample is unavailable for that product and she just leave me with that explanation. She didn't even try to call other branches or get down my particulars to see if they can do something. She also have that attitude of not wanting to serve 'a potential client'. I was left disappointed because I have heard much reviews about that product and even more disappointed, with the attitude of the BA.

Then I have decided to approach 'Brand B', thinking if Brand A doesn't want my business, fine. I will see if Brand B is able to help. I went to the counter, browsing through their product and only approached sometime later. I explained to her that I was interested in one of their product and asked if I am able to get a sample of that because I need to try it because I have sensitive skin. She told me no and instead, told me  asked me to purchase their gift set that cost me RM400+! Obviously, she hasn't been listening to my explanation of my sensitive skin and want sales instead! I am so put off by that but told myself to CALM DOWN! Sometime later, she served another customer and left me alone. But I am determined to stay put because this product is their best seller and I want to try again. She came back to me again and later gave me a 'trial test' of the product by putting some on to my face. I was sooo scared that my face will break out and thankfully, it didn't. I left the counter, feeling a bit disappointed as well and even end up questioning myself, if I have been too sensitive. I don't think I am because I am a potential buyer and I have been snubbed.

I went back home, browse through their facebook accounts and found out that, many others also requested samples and best yet, they gladly give and said that ALL SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE AT THEIR COUNTERS! I am definately put off and determined to voice my disappointment to the head office of both the brands by writing in. Brand A, did come back to me on that day, apologized and referred me to another counter with more experienced BA, promising the samples as well. Brand B however, came back to me after 4 days, and offered me the same promises as Brand A. ( I found out that both this brand is from the same company )

To end the story, I went back to the referred counters to retrive my samples. The BA at Brand A, acknowledged me but told me to come back later as they only have 1 BA at that time and was pretty busy. Ok, so I decide to go to Brand B. I was greeted by a very helpful BA and she analysed my skin. She hit all the jackpots regarding my skin condition and got my samples. She added a few more but I declined as I don't want to take advantage of that situation. I was pleased with her and decided to head back to Brand A. The counter was full at that moment, and there was only two BA's. I decide to linger a while but was not served. The BA, which I approched earlier on, saw me, but she didn't come to me and served others. From that, I concluded that I will not give my business to Brand B EVER AGAIN!

I tell myself: I certainly don't like to put my investment on brands that don't want my business and rather give it to the ones that are helpful and generous. So to any of you out there who has been snubbed,
  • Don't be afraid to take it to the higher level. Write to them and honestly explain to them your experience. I found out that they are more helpful and will follow up with your request or situation than those at the counters.
  • Reconsider to take your investments to those brands that are helpful, BA's that understand your skin conditions, that listens to you and are willing to give you samples without any hesitations.
Have any of you been in the situation as I have?


  1. This is pretty common with many beauty counters / brands in our country, as a general rule, they are not generous with samples. They "may" offer a few if you purchase something.

    By the way, I came across your blog not too long ago and really like it :-)

  2. Hi Lyn! Yeah it is a pretty sad 'common' thing which is happening in our country. The products don't come cheap and if I am purchasing, I'd rather invest on those that provide good service as well. Have you experienced any 'snubbing' lately?'s good to know that you enjoyed my blog!I started not knowing where it will take me but just want to share with others my journey and giving honest reviews. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement!


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