Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Review: Garden of Eden Scar Serum

It's been almost a month now of using this serum and I think it's about the right time to give my views on the performance of this product. Just a quick preview of this serum, it is said to be -100% Natural Plant Extracts, a concentrated natural vitamin E, which is rich in antioxidants and skin nutrients that protect the skin from free radical damage and effectively accelerate skin renewal and repair. ( Please click HERE to read my previous post. )

My Experience

Initially, I started to use this serum, both day and night. In the day, I would dab and gently rub it in on my scars and followed by a moisturizer. At night, I would use it entirely on both my legs and arms. After 2 weeks, I decide to exercise the same routine for day but use 2-3 drops of serum together with my new body oil for night. I did this because I want to maximise the serum and know the 15ml bottle will not last me for a month. Did I see any improvements? Well, I can't say that my legs are 100% scar free, but I do see the colour of my insect bite scars did minimise probably about 20%. The picture taken below is one of my scars:

Before( Pic taken 16 April )

After ( Pic taken 5 May )

I guess that I have to prolong the use of this serum to see more significant results on my scarring. However, I do see an increase of hydration level on my skin. I like to use this serum together with my new body oil, which is packed with loads of anti oxidants. So my body oil  and Vitamin E is a good combination to boost my skin. I also experimented this serum on my husband's keloids and in a week's time, he did commented that his keloids became smooth and the 'bump' subsided.


I give this product a rating of 3.5 over 5. I like that this serum helps in my hydration of my skin but need to continue this serum for a couple of months more to see improvements on my scarring. I am not dissapointed with this serum but I personally think it's rather expensive to use as one bottle will only last me a month. I just bought a bottle of Trilogy's Rosehip Oil in replacement to this one and will see how much this will help vs the Garden of Eden serum.


  1. Hi! Which one works better : Garden of Eden Natur E Oil or the Trilogy one?

    1. Hi! It depends on you, though the Garden of Eden is slightly more expensive than Trilogy. I use Trilogy as an all rounder, for face and body and not really specifically on scars. With that, I really can't comment which is better.:P

  2. I am very interested to your organic posts: scar serum


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