Monday, 28 October 2013

Review: Phytobaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner

Phytobaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner 150ml Euro 10.90

Conditioning my hair comes naturally for me after shampooing. I have thick, volumious Asian hair and if I miss this step, my hair goes frizzy and could be quite dry at times. Blow drying my hair is an absolute must for me because my hair would take AGES to be fully dried! It is pretty understandable to see the need to condition my hair as my frequent blow drying could further dry out and damage my hair.

Since I was impressed with the Phyto shampoo range, trying out their hair conditioners was a naturally easy decision.  I zoomed in on this, which offers protection on colour-treated hair.

Product Description

Phytobaume Colour Protect instantly detangles and protects colour-treated or highlighted hair. Sea buckthorn extract has nurturing and antioxidant properties that acts as a cellular protector to lock-in color and preventing fading. Grapefruit extract combined with hibiscus flower acids seal the cuticle for ultimate shine. Hair becomes easier to detangle with improved manageability, and is soft and shiny. Color is protected and vibrant.


My Experience

The conditioner is very thick in consistency, almost paste like, with a nice subtle scent. My hair is at shoulder length, so a size of a 10 cent is suffice for me to run it through my damp hair from mid length of my hair to my hair ends. Though the instruction says to rinse immediately, I prefer to leave it on for at least 1 minute before rinsing.

This conditioner does detangles my hair almost instantly but it does not give me the extremely soft feel and touch after rinsing. I am probably comparing to the store bought ones which contains mainly dimethicone, to give the instantaneous 'soft feel effect' we often see on ads. This Phyto conditioner leans towards using natural ingredients, so probably that is the reason why I do not feel the extremely soft effect... which is a good thing, if you view it from the natural perspective.

On colour protection, I can, more or less say, it is doing it's job. My hair colour does not 'bleed' than much during rinsing.

All seems good at this point, eh? Well, not quite. After blow drying my hair, I do feel my hair is slightly coarse to touch, dull and not as soft as I would expect it to be. It was a bit of a disappointment actually. It gives me a view that the conditioner is good only on the surface part. If I am expecting any hair repair actions, a hair mask would probably be best. Secondly, on day two, my hair went limp. It is weird that though I do not feel the soft effects, it weighed down my hair. 


A bit of a disappointment on the results, as I was expecting soft and shiny hair. Instead, my hair is coarse to touch, slightly dull and limp. This conditioner acts as good detangler, at best.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.

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