Monday, 15 April 2013

Foot Issues ( Part 3 ): Tips In Choosing The Proper Fitting Shoes

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Before I started embarking in my journey about my feet issue, I didn't really realised that I have been buying shoes for all the wrong reasons.

The wrong reasons:
  • It's trendy and currently fashionable. Everyone is wearing must I.
  • It's on sale and cheap.
  • It looked sexy and good when I wear them.
  • It matched the colour of my outfit.
  • Buying an ill appropriate size because it is REALLY nice and it is the last one left.
I guess may of us have fallen into the usual habit, without considering the fitting or comfort of the shoe. I know I have even bought some shoes and left them untouched for more than a year, all because it was on sale. It is the biggest culprit among the other wrong reasons, where we may have bought something which we didn't really need in the first place. Style is often the key to consideration, but it cannot be the only factor.

Coupled with the wrong reasons, I didn't have much idea or knowledge on choosing the fight fit in the right way. I am only armed with the basic since adolescent, which is ensuring that there are at least 1/2 inch space at the toe space and that it is not tight when worn. Little that I realised, I am doing more damage than good to my feet in the long run.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Foot Issues ( Part 2 ): Bunions & Protectors

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In this post, I am going to write about another foot condition that I have, which is the issue of bunions or Hallux Valgus. Unfortunately, I've developed them over the years of wearing ill-fitting and tight shoes, and in my case, high heels. Another possibility could be heredity.

As I grew older, walking has became a painful task for me due to the bunions. Because most of my existing shoes are mostly covered ballerina flats with insufficient toe space, the pressure on my bunions and bunionette become more significant, making it red and sore. Sometimes, I resort to band aids to cover my bunions to ease the pain. That helped only for the 1st hour and it needed to be changed again.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Foot Issues ( Part 1 ): My Foot Problems

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I never really pay attention to my feet problems or even more so, learn about feet problems. What prompted me to really look into it was when one of my nieces have a foot condition called over-pronation or 'flat feet'. 

Off I went for a feet analysis one day, during which I was told that I have mid high arch ( which is not so much of an issue ) and both my feet have bunions ( Hallux Valgus ) problem. I did told them that my knees and heels hurts quite a bit, after walking or even standing for a period of time. But my main problem I want to address are my bunions. I love flats or heels, and most of the time, both my bunions will be sore and red, even when worn for just an hour. I am not sure if many felt the same as I do but....when my feet hurts, I get agitated easily.

Let's look into the explanation of my feet analysis in detail shall we.

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