Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: Ren F10 Smooth and Renew Mask

Ren F10 Smooth and Renew Mask 50ml GB Pounds18.00

I have always wanted to try Ren's products....but, the prices in Malaysia are pretty steep. However, if we order direct from Ren's UK website, the prices and discounts made it a reasonable purchase. Coincidentally, I had a relative visiting UK at that time, I had them send my orders to their hotel, just to take advantage of the free UK delivery.

Product Description

Formulated to gently exfoliate and detoxify, this gel mask will leave the complexion visibly vibrant, smooth and toned.


My Experience

I have heard great reviews of their Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask and was very eager to try that. But seeing that I have sensitive skin, I opted with this instead as this is the mild version of the Glycolatic mask. 

As pictured, this mask comes with a muslin cloth, which to be used to wipe off the mask. 

Well thought packaging
Ren's packaging has always been fascinating and I like that pliable plastic inside the plastic container which compresses out every product to minimise wastage. 

I particularly like that they provide a cap to close the little pump! This helps the product to retain its freshness.

Sticky Texture
The mask itself is very thick, smells and feels alike a texture of a "marmalade jam". It is rather sticky when applied and the pasty texture made it hard to apply on the skin evenly. You can either use your fingers but in my case, I use my trusty facial brush. Upon application, I was glad that I didn't experience any tingling or burning sensation. It actually feels comfortable.

Works as good as an exfoliator
The instructions given was to apply in generous amount, leave it for 10 minutes, pat and lift with fingertips and using the dampen muslin cloth to gently wipe off the mask. Lastly, rinse skin with warm water.

Honestly, the "pat and lift with fingertips" was a redundant move. I can't lift the mask using my fingertips because it is too sticky and thick. However, removing it with the dampen muslin cloth actually acts as an exfoliating process, which later, makes my face feels clean and very smooth to touch. This also makes my skin absorbs serums or facial oils readily well.  This mask is for brightening and skin renewal, and I do see some mild brightening on my skin. Though my skin feels very finely exfoliated, I do not feel that this mask gives me any extra hydration. 

Mild allergic reaction 
Despite making my face feels clean and smooth, and a little brighter, I don't think that I am able to use this frequently as I noticed I developed some very tiny bumps around my chin area 2 days after. Any bumps on my skin is usually a sign of allergy reaction and in this case, this is a mild one.

This is mainly an exfoliating and skin renewal mask and I would have liked it more if this mask provide some hydration action. Sadly, I am restricting the use of this mask to once every 2 weeks, due to the mild allergic reaction, which I got from this product.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.

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