Monday, 28 January 2013

Tips for Healthy Scalp to Beautiful Hair

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Chinese New Year is approaching in a weeks time and truth to be told, we want to look great when we meet our relatives and friends. More often than not, many people I know tend to shop for new clothes, store up some CNY goodies and going for a haircut, all done in a week before the new year approaches.  

Well, since we are all set up, let us not forget to look into the health of our hair as well. Below are some tips for a healthy scalp and a good way to prepare before the day approaches.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Secrets to A Glorious Mane

Keeping your scalp healthy
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I recently went to a new hairdressing salon for a wash and I got to know one of the senior stylist there. He is very opinionated ( in a good way.. ) and is one of the first stylist that examined my hair scalp in a microscopic manner before washing my hair!

He first asked me how often I wash my hair and what type of shampoo that I use. He gave me a new revelation, that the tiny flakes that I experience is not dandruff...instead it is a accumulation of dirt and oil. He further explained that dandruff are big flakes, where else mine is small. Below are some images that I've  found:

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Dandruff diagram
More often than not, when we experience itchy scalp or dry flakes in the hair, many people believe that they are suffering from dandruff where in actual fact, it is not necessarily the issue. 

Monday, 7 January 2013


Year fast the year ended! Nonetheless, it has certainly brought many new adventures in my journey. Apart from discovering new skincare products, I am thankful that I managed to discover new places and fabulous food that year too! However, I've also realised that I didn't get to do as much things which I am passionate about. Oh well, in 2013, I plan to....

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