Monday, 21 October 2013

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner 0.4 ml MYR 49.90
( This is not an organic/natural based product )

Eyeliners are my thing and are my staples in my makeup routine. I wear glasses, so for more emphasis on my eyes, I much prefer them to mascaras. Mascaras do give me smearing problems because my eye area sweats easily.

I have the 'most oily lids..ever' and I can't use pencil eyeliner because it would smudge terribly on me. The only eyeliner that can last a little longer on my lids are the liquid ones. My first was Lancome Artliner. I love the tip and it's easy for me to draw a nice line but it does not last long on my lids. The most is 2 hours. Come Clio, which I thought is great. I love the intensity of the liquid pen and the gelpresso but it still gives me panda eyes. 

I was at the point where I thought no eyeliner in the world will be able to withstand my oily ( and sweaty ) lids..until I heard of Kiss Me. When I browse through the internet, most claim that this is smudge, sweat, sebum-proof. The results are almost on par with the award winning K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner, except that the pigmentation in Kiss Me is more intense. I was really torn between the two and decided with Kiss Me first.

Product Description

Being highly-resistant to tears, sweat, water and sebum, this product allows you to keep the 'just applied' finish throughout the day.

Can be remove by lukewarm water
Can easily be removed with lukewarm water despite the long-lasting finish.

Jet-black colour to add greater definition to your eyes
Enhanced blackness gives an even darker colour and powerfully accentuates your pupils for a striking look.

Easy-to-draw ultra thin brush
An elastic ultra thin brush ( only 0.1 mm-wide tip ) was adopted. With the firm super fine brush, you can easily draw even the most difficult lines perfectly, such as the thinnest line along the eyelash base and upward lines around the outer corner of the eyes.

My Experience

The eyeliner is easy to hold as it is light and slim, giving me better control when I draw my lines. I love the tip of this eyeliner and it is the thinnest I have ever come across! It makes it so much easier to draw a nice thin line from your inner lash line, and subsequently thickening the line to create a flick. The tip is much smoother to draw a nice line than Clio's and the ink is consistent. The intensity is very good too and it dries pretty quickly than Clio's too. 

As I said earlier, my eye lids are horribly oily and sweats easily. To make sure my eye makeup last, I usually like to prime my eyes with a primer. With Clio and Lancome's eyeliner, even with primer, it last me 2-5 hours max. Now with Kiss Me, this last me at amazingly 8 hours, without a single smudge! I am not kidding you. This thing is seriously smudge and sweat proof! The best thing is the intensity of the colour remains the same throughout.

Recently, I wore this eyeliner, without a primer for a 'steamboat' date with a friend. Though it is in an air-conditioned area, the steam was practically blowing at my face! I was a bit petrified if I would have the dreaded panda look when I step out of the place. Well, never can I imagine...I looked normal! When I get back home, I can only detect very, very tiny smudge at my lower lash line when looked closely. From afar, I looked fine.

On to removal, this one is easy. Much easier than Clio's, if I have to say. My usual removal method is soaking my cotton pad with eye makeup remover and leaving it on my eye area for a couple of seconds. Very easily, most of the eyeliner is removed, except those close to the lash line. I like that it doesn't leave a lot of 'flakes' during removal.


I have to say this: This is the best eyeliner I have used to date! The staying power is amazing, even on my oily lids. I am seriously wow-ed by this. Enough said.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.

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