Monday, 24 September 2012

My Eczema Treatment ( Part 3 ): Pure Aloe Vera Sap

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Many years back, I have heard of what aloe vera can do. I remembered back in the 80's, there was this hype going around with my uncles and parents. They were drinking some liquid 'thing-y' from a fairly large brown bottle that look like this:

I am sure many out there ( from my generation ) would recognise this fella. Yes, my family were quite obsessed with it for a few years, but eventually died down when it has proven too expensive to continue. I, too, eventually forgot about this until recently.

As many would have read from my previous post, I was introduced back to this miracle plant by my TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) practitioner. Well, she didn't ask me to drink it, but apply the sap topically on my affected area for 2-3 times a day. Little did I know, her advice has been the best discovery of the year!! And that is why, I'm saving this topic for last of my eczema treatment series.

Monday, 10 September 2012

My Eczema Treatment ( Part 2 ): Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM )

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Suffering from eczema is no fun at all. It comes on and off and it is hard to determine the main source of the problem. Often, we see the culprit mainly from external sources like dust, animal fur, food, pollens or ingredients from skincare products. Very rarely, we pin point the problems to internal reasons. And this is where we need to seek the help from a Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) practitioner to see what is happening to our body internally. 

After a long battle with my eczema and I've decided to turn to TCM after Western medicine failed on me. I had been popping prescribed medicine by my doctor for months and I personally felt that it only helps to control the eczema, not curing it. I figured that this is not very good for my body in a long term basis. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

My Eczema Treatment ( Part 1 ): Symptoms and Basic Care

Yup...that's my lips!

If you are a avid reader of my blog, you may know that I was suffering from eczema around my lips area ( some may call it perioral dermatitis ) To those who may not know the full story, do read it HERE. In this post, I am going to sum up the symptoms and basic care ( based on my personal experience ), before moving on to my next post which deals with treatments.

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