Monday, 25 June 2012

My most used beauty tool.....

Dariya Front Hair Stabilizer ( Fringe Pad ) MYR 4.90/ 2pcs

In my normal routine, I use a headband to secure my fringes whenever I wash my hair, do my makeup or when I mop the floor. I find it troublesome at times, where the headband is not tight enough to hold my front fringe and I would usually get some stubborn ones that would 'fall' in front of my face. 

What seems to be a nuisance has became a norm for me for a couple of years...until I encountered these! I was first 'introduced' to this product when I had my brows done at a cosmetic counter. When the SA put these on my fringes, it was love at first sight for me. I was amazed that it was easy and hold my stubborn fringes in place. I was told that she bought hers from SASA. Wasting no time, I finally went to SASA to get these.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Review: Lip Pure Lip Balm

Lip Pure Lip Balm 4g MYR 11.90

Ever since my eczema case, I would say that I am an avid user of lip balms. Not the ordinary 'petroleum' filled kinda lip balms, but those which are made from natural ingredients. Due to my sensitive condition, I am very careful in finding one that does not further aggravate the sensitivity. I must say that finding one in Malaysia, which only contain 100% natural ones, are hard to find.

Before I chance upon this lip balm, there are many varieties of lip balms, easily available at drugstores. Some are tinted, while some claimed to be completely natural and pure. Unfortunately, the ingredients listed contains loads of synthetic ingredients and the most used ingredient, petroleum or mineral oil.

When I found this one, I was glad that it contained mostly of natural ingredients.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Review: Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream 2oz USD 12.00

Good, natural and organic deodorants are hard to find...especially in the country I live in. So, I really thank God for Online Shopping, that makes things easier for me to get what I want.

I was searching high and low for natural based deos ( one that last ) and thanks to Google, I came across Soapwalla's Deodorant Cream in Etsy. This product generally received lots of good reviews and without much hesitation, I quickly place my order because I was desperate...yeah, pits were smelling big time!

Many of you may know, or have read in my blog, that I have trouble finding the 'right' deodorant and many organic or natural based ones that I have used just failed on me. I have read that the majority of natural/ organic based deodorants doesn't work as well as commercial ones and sadly, that is the truth that many claimed. Now, I am really, really hoping that my search will end with this one....

Monday, 4 June 2012

Review: Paul Penders Products

A few months ago, I was given an opportunity to try out some products from Paul Penders. I have heard of Paul Penders two years ago and was rather intrigued but never really gotten the chance to try out their products. Now that these products were sent to me for review purposes, boy, I was glad!

Now, a little background about Paul Penders taken from their site:

Paul Penders skin care solutions combine the purest ingredients from Mother Nature to restore balance, health and vitality to your skin. Each skin care solution contains ourLevensESSENTIE Gold®, an extract of 22 herbs from the East and West, a traditional recipe passed down from Paul's grandmother. Paul Penders skin care solutions are cold-processed in small batches to preserve the active properties of carefully selected herbal ingredients.

It is safe to know that their products are never tested on animals and their products are made with certified organic ingredients.

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