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Dealing With T-Zone and Dry Cheeks

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When I first started this blog, I was dealing with dry and dehydrated skin. The following year, my skin was fine but the sensitivity increased. Fast forward to present, I am currently dealing with over production of oil on my T-zone area ( forehead, nose and chin ) where else, both my cheeks area are dry.Call it hormonal imbalance or seasonal changes but one gotta deal with it quick to balance up the area or it may get worse.

Make some changes in skincare routine

I am a loyalist and I seldom change my routine or skincare products unless my skin calls for it. Because of the current situation I am facing, I did some tweaking, just so to keep my face balanced.

Previous Routine

Morning : Cleanse ( Tepid water only ) < Toner ( Hyaluronic Based ) < Replenish ( MVO Anti-Aging Oil+ ) < Protect ( MVO Moisturizing Face Screen spf 30 )

Current Routine

Morning : Cleanse ( Mild Cleanser ) < Toner ( Hyaluronic Based ) < Replenish ( Alternate with Day Cream and Face Oil ) < Protect ( MVO Everyday Coverage spf 20 )

With the current routine, I use a mild cleanser, mainly at my T-zone area, just to make sure that the accumulation of oil is properly cleanse before I move on with the rest of my skincare steps. I used to use 2 drops of oil but now I use a squirt, applying on my cheeks first, followed by my neck and lastly at my T-zone area. Using this sequence helps to distribute less facial oil on the oil prone area. I use the same method of application when I use the day cream on alternate days.

Night : Double Cleanse ( Milk based and Gel ) < Toner ( Rose Mist ) < Replenish ( Facial Oil ) < Layering ( Normal Night Cream ) < Eye ( Eye Cream )

The night routine is pretty straight forward, but tweaking it by using the same method of application for the face oil. For the layering, only apply on the dry area ( the cheeks ) to seal in the oil.


My mask are mostly hydration based but with the current T-zone problem, I switched back to use my trusty Bedak Sejuk treatment mask, applying only on the oil prone areas once a week. This treatment is the easiest and most effective ( for me ) to balance out the problematic area.

Do Not Over Exfoliate

This is true in my case as I have the tendency to over exfoliate, especially my nose area. I have a long history with blackheads problems and I was hoping that if exfoliate that area more, more of the blackheads will diminish. Hmm...fat chance. It made it worse. By morning, my nose area secretes so much oil!

Over exfoliate can lead to skin imbalance, which leads to sensitivity and dryness.

Diminish The Use of Products Containing SLS or ALS

Products containing surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laurel sulfate can be really harsh and drying to skin. I did have one experience, where I was using a exfoliant, containing SLS. It literally dry out my skin so much and has, one way or another, contributed a little in making my skin sensitive.

Replenish Your Body

We have heard from many beauty and medical experts ( even our moms ) that we MUST DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I am guilty as charged as I have to remind my self everyday to drink 8 or more glasses a day!

Cut Down Your Intake Of Fried or Junk Food

I know it is easier said than done as it is difficult to refrain oneself from eating this...especially living in Malaysia, with all the fried items galore. Here we have to choose what is best for or indulgence?

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