Thursday, 28 July 2011

My July Haul-EO Shampoo, Burt's Bees Radiance Cleanser and Pure Lavender Essential Oil

I made a lot of hauls recently...and I did another haul this week too :) My hubby thinks I am nuts for making so much purchases online and my reasoning is that products are cheaper by 20%  if made online. Really it is! I find it hard sometimes to purchase an item that I like in Malaysia because the price is fairly high and I would only purchase if they have a sale or a promotion. ( I am sure most ladies who are residing here would agree with me

Another reason that I prefer online purchasing is that I wish to try some products that are not made available here in Malaysia. It is fairly hard to find good natural or organic products here, much less reputable brands. The only way for me to go is to purchase online.

Of course there are many online websites that you can purchase from, but one have to wise to purchase from a reputable online shop with good shipping charges and good shipping track records too. It also helps that they have good customer services ( especially to international customers ) and that their products are reasonably priced after conversion.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Review:Oil Cleansing Method with MooGoo Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin

MooGoo Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin 100ml RM 79.00

I've heard a lot about oil cleansing method ( OCM ) from the internet and gathered that many had great results by using this. Some claimed that they have clear, dewy-looking skin and blackheads are gone by using OCM. This cleansing method is that the oil will dissolve the oil within your skin that has hardened with impurities by massaging. In short, OCM is a deep cleansing method. When I heard that it can remove impurities or blackheads, I am all for it! I have really bad congested blackheads at my nose area and I am really hoping that OCM will help me to solve this problem. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sampling: MVO Skin Lightening Vit C Supplement and Moisture Serum

MVO Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplement 50 capsules USD 60
MVO Moisture Serum 30ml USD 80

When I received my Marie Veronique products a couple of months back, I was pleased that they included a number of samples for me to try and here, I am going to give a short review for the remaining two samples.

Skin Lightening Vitamin C Supplements

Product Description

  • Stimulates collagen production and repairs free radical damage, making skin smoother and evening out skin tones
  • Provides extra skin lightening support with a uniquely effective form of kojic acid, a natural byproduct of sake fermentation, and dipotassium glycyrrhizate
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation with licorice root, Niacinimide and n-acetyl glucosamine
  • Delivers Vitamin C and other rejuvenators to the skin in powder form, dramatically improving their effectiveness
  • Use in conjunction with any of our serums for advanced skin brightening
Ingredients:  l-ascorbic acid, kojic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, n-acetyl glucosamine, niacinamide
No oil soluble Vitamin C forms that are less effective or liquids that can cause the Vitamin C to oxidize.

I have heard a lot of the potential of L-Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C ), which  increases the levels of collagen in the skin, prevents and repairs damage from hydroxyl free radicals. Here's what MVO have to say about L-Ascorbic Acid:

Vitamin C in its water-soluble form (l-ascorbic acid) is extremely effective as an anti-oxidant, and it also repairs past damage, lightens sun spots and stimulates collagen production. The problem with Vitamin C is that it oxidizes rapidly in liquid, becoming a prooxidant, creating free radicals rather than neutralizing them. Skin care companies have tried to resolve the l-ascorbic acid problem by replacing it with oil-soluble forms (Vitamin C-esther, ascorbyl palmitate), however studies show that these versions are much less effective than l-ascorbic acid. MVO solves this problem by delivering Vitamin C in powder form and in capsules. This allows you to dispense the exact amount you need and ensures that it's fresh each time.

I had wanted to try out DIY Vit C serum all the while, which a lot of DIYers have amazing results with it. Because L-Ascorbic Acid  is unstable and oxidises quickly, I still doubt myself on mixing this at home and I don't like wastage if the serum is not used up or if kept improperly.  However, I am glad that MVO have found another alternative to apply this, just to ensure that it is fresh each time upon use.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DIY Yukuko Tanaka Anti Aging Face Coutouring Massage

I came to know about this face contouring massage through Viva Woman and subsequently, from Epicbeautyguide, that did a video translated in English. I find this very, very interesting as I usually have my face massages from my monthly facials and would like to incorporate massages as part of my skincare routine at the comfort of my own home.

Yukuko Tanaka is a Japanese Beauty Expert and here are the videos that presents her anti-aging, face contouring massage. This massage is believed to reduce and prevent wrinkles, improves sagging skin, minimizing pore size, emiminates puffy and under-bag eyes and improving skin tone and texture.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Review: Burt's Bee Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

Burt's Bee Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash 350ml RM 62.60
( Bought this during their threesome promo ( Buy 2 free 1 ) Promo Price RM 41.60 )

Many of us in Malaysia are quite familiar with brands like The Body Shop, L'occitane, Kiehl's but Burt's Bees? This brand is still relatively new in our land despite that they have been operating for more than a year now. I've heard of this brand over the internet but never really went into their shop ( at the Curve ) to browse their stuff..until recently. My Madara Cleansing Milk is used up and I am eager to look for a replacement. I have heard mixed reviews but relatively good comments about their Radiance Facial Cleanser and decided to hit to the store and check it out. To my dismay, their cleanser is out of stock! Anyway, left my details with them so they would call me once it's in ( to date, I haven't received the call ) but they sms me saying they are having the buy 2 free 1 promo. So I made my research over the net, went to the store with my list and made a small haul..only on the baby range.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Review: Moogoo Udder Cream

MooGoo Udder Cream 120ml RM 39.90

Last 2 months ago, I went on a mini MooGoo haul as I heard many postive reviews on this brand. I really liked it that they are an all natural brand and many people with skin conditions like ezcema or with sensitive skin, benefitted from their product. One day, when I visited my favourite pharmacy searching for a replacement for my hand cream, they had a promotion for MooGoo Udder Cream that sells for RM 29.90. Any quick thinking shopper who is eyeing on this product ( like me ) would be silly to pass this off, right?

How MooGoo was Born?
MooGoo was first made when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem in Queensland, Australia. The dairy version of "udder cream" was designed to heal the cow's udders and keep them in good condition for milking. It was full of skin repair ingredients and no gimmicks. Cows don't care too much about the latest fad in skin care, or even "Organic blends of Horsetail and Bergamot..." They do need healthy skin on their most valuable assets. 

Although the original cream used in the dairy farms was legendary for its skin healing properties, it was thick and greasy. MooGoo modified the cream for human use by keeping all the skin healing properties but making it non-greasy.

Friends and neighbours started using the creams. It is amazing just how many people came out of the woodwork that had either very sensitive skin, or some sort of problem for which "nothing works". Since then, many other products have been added for people with sensitive skin and scalps and MooGoo was born. 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Recent Haul- Garden of Wisdom products!

Just giving everyone a quick glimpse on my recent haul-Garden of Wisdom! They look pretty, don't they? Well...all new products are and I just can't wait to try them.

Garden of Wisdom is a company that supply all natural raw ingredients that you need to formulate your own skin care line. Well, if you are not the usual DIY-ers, you can also choose from their enormous selection of finished products. Please be aware that their website is a bit overwhelming to navigate but no worries, you will be able to manage it once you are familiar.

I can tell you that when I was browsing through their products, I really, really want to try everything that they offered! All their products sound so promising and all the prices are very, very AFFORDABLE. For example, their Organic Rosehip oil( 30 ml ) sells for USD 5.65/MYR 17.57. Wherelse Trilogy( 20 ml ) here sells for MYR 66.00. For me, it's dirt cheap!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Review: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 25g RM 18.90

I am plagued with dry hands almost all my life and I do have severe peeling around my nail area, which bleeds rather frequently. I must admit that when the skin is dried up and peeling, more often than not, I would nip them as it really irritates me that much! By doing this often, it had somehow developed into a habit...a bad one I must say. I had tried many handcreams and ointments but Savlon antiseptic cream seemed to be the one that worked for me. It gently calms and heals the affected area but it sadly, it doesn't offer moisturization. So, as I was browsing through the shelves on my trip to my favourite pharmacy, I spotted Lucas' Papaw Ointment and it seem that this ointment is traditionally used as a local topical application for symptomatic relief of minor cuts, wounds and insect bites. Seemed decent and why not, I decide to purchase it, in hopes that it will be a better replacement for my Savlon.

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