Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Recent Haul- Garden of Wisdom products!

Just giving everyone a quick glimpse on my recent haul-Garden of Wisdom! They look pretty, don't they? Well...all new products are and I just can't wait to try them.

Garden of Wisdom is a company that supply all natural raw ingredients that you need to formulate your own skin care line. Well, if you are not the usual DIY-ers, you can also choose from their enormous selection of finished products. Please be aware that their website is a bit overwhelming to navigate but no worries, you will be able to manage it once you are familiar.

I can tell you that when I was browsing through their products, I really, really want to try everything that they offered! All their products sound so promising and all the prices are very, very AFFORDABLE. For example, their Organic Rosehip oil( 30 ml ) sells for USD 5.65/MYR 17.57. Wherelse Trilogy( 20 ml ) here sells for MYR 66.00. For me, it's dirt cheap!

I like to mix my own oils or hydrosols, so I bought most of their raw ingredients and only 2 of their finished products. Below is my haul from Garden of Wisdom:

1) GoW Argan Anti Aging Serum 0.5 oz
2) GoW Eye Majik ( No Wax ) 10g
3) Neroli Hydrosol 1oz
4) Rose Hydrosol 1 oz
5) Camellia Sinesis Oil 0.5oz
6) Rosehip Oil 1 oz
7) Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil Blue 1 oz

Though some of you may be tempted to buy everything under the sun from them, you need to be wise with your selection. It took me at least 3 weeks to be sure of my choices and what's good for me. Here is a quick guide to what brings me to my final choices:

1) Browse through each category ( eg: Finished Products or Raw Ingredients ) carefully. In each catergory, they further have at least 18 sub categories, that subsequently shows at 15-20 products in each sub categories.

2) I find it useful to do my own simple excel sheet, with my choiced product, price and converted price being side by side for easy reference.

3) It's wise to do a simple research of the product background through the internet. For example, GoW offers a wide range of carrier/ essential oils and each oils is suitable for different types of skin with their own special benefits. Be aware too that some carrier/ essential oils have different theraputic grades and it's better you do a research on which is best. It is good too to read some reviews from customers who have used GoW products. 

4) By this time, you will see that your spreadsheet is overwhelmed with all products. If your budget allows, you may email all your final orders to GoW. If you are working on a budget, run through your spreadsheet and narrow the products down to what you really need!

5) Finally, email your selected products to GoW and they will have a helpful and informative personnel to help you with any questions or your orders. One thing I like about GoW is that if you want to try out the product before purchasing in full size, you can request your products to be in a sampler size of your choice too..and of course with a minimal charge. For me, I prefer to have my products to be at least 0.5oz, that is good for 2 months of usage to make the conclusion.

I find that their shipping cost is reasonable too, USD 13.50 for priority mail flat rate envelope ( mine comes in a box ) that holds a relatively good amount of products. So, be it that you are a seasoned beauty DIY-er, a newbie ( like me ) or a product junkie, I think GoW is worth checking.


  1. I'm waiting on my first order from them! I'm so excited! your quick guide was very helpful!

    the site is definitely overwhelming, I was thinking about ordering from them for two weeks and finally I got what I really needed haha! (I was on a tight budget, too..! -.-) They shipped my order so quick! and I'm hoping I will be pleased by the oils and by them in general. :) GoW seems really promising!

    1. Hi Denise! Hmm...looks like you like DIY too;) Did you buy their ready made products as well? Hope you have positive results from the products that you've ordered.

  2. wow thanks! it's always a pain to find good quality but cheap oils for my DIYs. I try picking some up when I'm in Bali, but the nicer ones are still RM60 too.

    I'll give this a go!

    1. Hi Lauryn. Besides GoW, there's still a vast variety available on the net. Think it depends on the individual to whom they prefer. I only pick up burning oils from Bali and found that the oils are not of superior quality. They are watery and smell doesn't last.

    2. the one that I picked up were from Ubud, and were recommended by a friend from New York. I've always been wary of ordering online for some reason, I guess i always thought that shipping would be too expensive.

  3. how would you compare ingredient-wise, and price-wise between garden of wisdom and new direction aromatics?

    1. I hadn't bought any from new directions, so I can't compare the two in their ingredients. In terms of pricing, it really depends on what ingredients that you are buying and the quantity. Obviously, the more more quantity you buy, the cheaper it is.


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