Thursday, 28 July 2011

My July Haul-EO Shampoo, Burt's Bees Radiance Cleanser and Pure Lavender Essential Oil

I made a lot of hauls recently...and I did another haul this week too :) My hubby thinks I am nuts for making so much purchases online and my reasoning is that products are cheaper by 20%  if made online. Really it is! I find it hard sometimes to purchase an item that I like in Malaysia because the price is fairly high and I would only purchase if they have a sale or a promotion. ( I am sure most ladies who are residing here would agree with me

Another reason that I prefer online purchasing is that I wish to try some products that are not made available here in Malaysia. It is fairly hard to find good natural or organic products here, much less reputable brands. The only way for me to go is to purchase online.

Of course there are many online websites that you can purchase from, but one have to wise to purchase from a reputable online shop with good shipping charges and good shipping track records too. It also helps that they have good customer services ( especially to international customers ) and that their products are reasonably priced after conversion.

Now, coming back to my haul...I made my purchases from Milagro Trading, an online shop from Singapore. Their product offerings are rather good, especially their range of carrier and essential oils. ( If comparing with Garden of Wisdom, of course, GoW will be much cheaper) However, I find that the essential oils from Milagro Trading are of a better quality than GoW. Below are my hauls:

1) EO Everyday Shampoo in French Lavender
2) Burt's Bees Radiance Cleanser
3) Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil
4) EO Soothing Shower Gel in Lavender ( Complimentary )

The products are rather easy to purchase through their site but you would have to create an account beforehand. Payments can be made through bank transfer, cheque or credit card payment but I prefer to make my payment through Pay Pal. Their shipping charges are reasonable too, starting at SGD 8.50 for Malaysia.

It took about 8 days for my package to arrive, which I think is fairly good, though it is the same timing too for my orders from US. My products arrive in a package mail, which is double wrapped with a UPS bubble envelope. All the pumps or any openings is secured with tape, to avoid any leakage. My lavender essential oil is the only item is fully bubble wrapped. I personally find that boxed package is better but of course, it cost more. Well, this is just my personal preference.

In the meanwhile, stay tune as the reviews will be up in a couple of weeks!


  1. Your title catches my attention, because I just bought a Bulgarian lavender oil in a brick-and-mortar store. And that proves to be a stupid choice. The price I paid for that essential oil is enough to buy several bottles online. Although it's said to be 100% organic and pure, price-wise, I think I've made a poor decision.

  2. Hi Amanda! May I know how much you paid for it and how many ml per bottle?

    I bought mine for SGD 11.00/US 9.00 for 10ml. Apparently, the price was low when I bought it, and the price have sinced increased tremendously.

    Should you wish to buy online, perhaps you can try , which sells good and afforable raw ingredients.

  3. Oh, really thanks for your recommendation. Mine is HK$270, around US$36 for 10ml. What a steep price, but then I tell myself that I have the salesperson's service and I was shopping in a nicely decorated shop. Next time I'm sure I will do some research before making any purchase.


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