Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DIY Yukuko Tanaka Anti Aging Face Coutouring Massage

I came to know about this face contouring massage through Viva Woman and subsequently, from Epicbeautyguide, that did a video translated in English. I find this very, very interesting as I usually have my face massages from my monthly facials and would like to incorporate massages as part of my skincare routine at the comfort of my own home.

Yukuko Tanaka is a Japanese Beauty Expert and here are the videos that presents her anti-aging, face contouring massage. This massage is believed to reduce and prevent wrinkles, improves sagging skin, minimizing pore size, emiminates puffy and under-bag eyes and improving skin tone and texture.

I have been doing this routine for almost 2 months now and I do see results! It's rather unbelievable actually. My face is much sharper, no flabby bits along jaw line and my face seemed firmer ( and my neck too ). As I use facial oils daily in my regime, I have heard that massaging your facial oils gives better penetration to your skin.

I really have to thank Viva Woman for introducing this wonderful massage by Yukuko Tanaka because to date, I know my face and skin have improved too by this. Though there are about 11-12 steps in this massage, I have to confess that I only manage to do 4 steps each time. Though it's a 'short cut massage' version, it still works for me. However, I have to remind myself again next time of the steps, so that I can see the full results through it.

Below are the next two videos:

 Have fun girls!


  1. Do you think this will prevent sagging? Wrinkles are easier to prevent... but sagging, not so much.

  2. To date, I can't vouch that this massage prevents wrinkles but more of improving sagging skin. In my experience, this massage helps in contouring my face and does make my face seems firmer. Firmer face=less wrinkles:)

    Oh, this also aids in better penetration when using facial oils.


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