Thursday, 26 April 2012

How Loyal Are You To Your Skincare Products?

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I am writing this topic because of late, I started to reflect back on my personal chronicles on my loyalty to the above matter. First and foremost, I wouldn't say that I am a skincare player, that loves to toy around with different products. When I first started working( with enough dough ), I started with Clinique, Kose, then to Artistry, Aesop to Dermalogica and finally, to MVO products. Looking back, I can say that I am loyal to using a particular brand for a span of 5 years before moving on to another. 

But what actually makes me move on to a new brand?

When I don't see any great changes

I am sure all of you have experienced and seen remarkable changes during the first few months each time you change to a new product or brand. In your mind, you are convinced you have finally found " The One" and swore that you won't change..ever again.

But the progress started to hit a plateau stage, say after 2-3 years? And you ask yourself, is it time to move on to another? In my personal journey, this is what happened to me. Now, I wouldn't entirely say it's the fault of the product. Rather, our skin condition do change as a result of stress, hormonal, or environmental issues. For me, it is finding a suitable product which can adapt well to my current state of my skin condition.

When the product is inappropriate and unsuitable to my skin  

Many a times, after reading some reviews of certain products, we have already made up our minds that " Wow...I am going to buy this!" I have my fair share of this experience. When your skin starts to be reddish, sensitised, irritated or even confused, you know that the product is not right for you.

Here, you can safely say "Another man's elixir may be another man's poison."

When I need a product for certain issues 

I was having some dry skin and pigmentation problems at one time and have decided to deal with the issue. I started to use facial oils and serums to tackle the dry skin condition, where using moisturiser alone does not help anymore. I also invested in some lightening serum and started using suncreen for my pigmentation problems.

My advice is, don't sit on the issue. Instead, do something about it.

When I know I am spending too much $$$

In all honestly, making some changes in your skincare products and investing in some 'premium' products does not come cheap. While I am willing to invest more in serums and oils, I am not too keen in spending the same amount on cleansers or masks. Here in my blog, you can see that I like to alternate it with some reliable, wallet friendly, drug store ones.


  1. I like to change because of the curiosity factor. Unless it's a product like sunscreen (have been using MVO for ages), I do like to try new brands just to see how they perform. My fave is cleanser cos it's okay for me to change that frequently.

    1. Same goes for me, I am more open to try new cleansers, body washes and shampoos.

  2. Actually, most skin types can’t be loyal to just one particular product for long periods of time. Several factors, such as the weather, our diet, state of health, our lifestyle, and our skin itself takes a great impact in changing our response to such products. And as the condition and type of our skin changes, so as the products that will complement it.

    Jackie Wong @ MIAMI Institute


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