Monday, 16 April 2012

Review: Once A Week Deodorant Wipes

Once A Week Deodorant 3 Disposable Wipes MYR 8.90

Searching for a good, free from 'nasties' deodorant is like looking for a needle in a haystack in Malaysia. I have tried 2 natural deodorants ever since switching to natural or organic ones... and the results were not positive on me. Tried my own DIY eucalyptus water and it didn't work well either. I've even tried taking supplements, in hopes to rid of the odour but it didn't have any effect on me at all. It left me wondering " Do I have to live smelling like this for the rest of my life?"

Not long ago, a nice reader, Xin, introduced me to this Once A Week Deodorant. It was very effective on her and I've decided to try this one since I am in need of a deodorant alternative real bad. Honestly, I was rather sceptical even before buying this because most deodorants don't work on me at all, even those commercial aluminuim ones like Rexona or Addidas.

So, will this work? Crossing my fingers now....

Product Description

Once a week neutralizes ALL body odours with immediate effect and leaves lasting odourless condition for days. It is water-based, fragrance-free, stain-free, colourless, zero-stickiness, zero-skin irritation and 100% alcohol-free.

Water, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Glycerol, Pottasium Sulfite, Lactobacilli Extract.

My Experience

This is my first time ever to use wipes as deodorant and I found it pretty interesting. As per the directions stated in the packaging, targeted area must be cool and dry. It also wrote "BEST used after sundown", so I presume it means night. Inside the packaging, it also shows the effective way of using the wipes. 

I did as shown above but used the reverse side of the wipes for my other pit area. Though it says the wipe is fragrance-free, my sensitive nose detect some sourish 'yoghurt-y' smell from the wipes and my head tells me that it must be the lactic acid and the lactobacilli extract.

Timeline and experience...

Saturday ( night )- Use wipes as per instructed.

Sunday - When I woke up the next morning and smell my pits, was glad I detected zero smell. I went about doing groceries shopping, cooking and some light washing and lo and behold, no smell and surprisingly, no sweat! 

Monday and Tuesday - Woke up with minimal smell and go about the whole day with minimal sweat.

Wednesday - Woke up with minimal smell but come evening, pits start to smell and sweat.

So basically, this thing last up till maximum 4 days for me. That night itself, I use the 2nd wipes again. However, I felt that it wasn't really effective the 2nd time around. I started to have heavier smell and sweat on the 3rd day. 

However, when I use the 3rd wipes, it began to be as effective as the first time. The only conclusion I can think of is that probably on the second usage, my pits were not cool or dry thoroughly. 


I am rather impressed with these wipes, seeing that it really does neutralise my 'pretty strong' body odour for several days. The plus points for these wipes is that they are aluminium-free, stain free and fragrance free. I think these wipes can come in pretty handy as well if I were to travel abroad. At least, I can still save some space in my luggage for more potential shopping.

Though the price may not be exactly wallet-friendly, I actually don't mind using these again because it works rather well on my smelly pits. May I also stress that these wipes will work more effectively if we follow the instructions well.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. glad that it sort of works for you ;) agree that it may not be the cheapest out there but it eliminates the pain of staining of clothes and also without the stickiness. i used to apply this at night after making sure that the pits are thoroughly dry ;)

    1. Yeah, it works rather fine but only at a short time. However, I am now using a new deo and it works really really well.

    2. Hi there.. which deo r u using now?? I hv been using Dr Mist for years and it works for me.. the ingredients are: Treated Water, Potassium Sulphate and Sodium Chloride.

    3. I am currently using Soapwalla Deodorant and this is the best deo I've used. I've done a review on that and here is it:

  2. I had quite severe BO problem too for many years since teens (I'm now in my late 20s). Like you, I tried all sorts - powder, deodorant, soap, drink water, watch my food, etc. And sadly, nothing was a sure-proof method.
    Over the past 1 year, I exercised on a more regular basis (at least 1-2 times a week) consistently, and to my surprise, I'm happy to share that my BO problem is very much minimised! Now I just use Mukti deodorant which is sufficient. I'm thinking that it could be because during exercise, the toxins also gets released through sweat.
    Hope this will also work for you. I know how painful, worrying and embarrassing it is about BO problem.

    1. Hi there! I agree with you in the exercising part as I looked back, my BO problem was not as severe when I exercise! Thanks for advice!

  3. Thank you for the deodorant review but during my initial search for natural deodorants, I found articles that advised to stay away from products containing propylene glycol. Here is one of the links listing why we should avoid it:

    Hope the information helps!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the article. However in skin deep, propylene glycol scored low in allergies and immunotoxicity, provided that the concentration is low. In general, this ingredient is a small organic alcohol commonly used as a skin conditioning agent.

  4. Cool – never heard of deodorant wipes! Always looking for new, interesting products :)

    Currently using Lavilin, and I'm totally obsessed with it. All-natural cream, no aluminum or parabens. Works great!

    1. I revisited these deo wipes again and it's still amazing to use. However, it's no longer available in Malaysia anymore.:) Would love to try Lavilin one day:)

  5. Sorry ... I'm still selling this wipe Deodorant in Malaysia :)

  6. Tonite is my first day trying this wipes

  7. Hi all! We have this amazing product available in our store. Feel free to email me at for further info. Thanks and have a great day ahead! :D

    1. good stuff there and fast delivery! thanks!

  8. I also tried it and it worked very well.
    Thank you so much.
    find this


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