Thursday, 12 April 2012

Choosing a healthier eating lifestyle...

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Earlier this week, I shared a post on taking Chlorella as supplements, in hopes to get rid of my body odour. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it improved my bowel movements. Seeing that Chlorella helps to cleanse and detoxify the body, I thought to myself " If I were to consume back unhealthy foods, then what is the point to detoxify my body? Better make the most out of it and start to eat healthily.."

That is what I did 2 months back and it really help to boost the health of my digestive tract. I can go almost daily now ( 5-6 times a week ), unlike before, where at most 1-3 times a week or less.

Having fruits and vegetables at the top of the list.

I started off consuming loads of vegetables and fruits, cutting back on carbs while having  1/3 of protein ( mainly chicken ) in my meals. Most of the vegetables are taken either raw or stir fried.

I make it a habit to add 'colours' in both my vegetable and fruit selection as different colours means different nutrients and vitamins.

Meat comes secondary...

I would usually choose chicken or fish and this would take up smaller portion in my meals if compared to my vegetable intake. My hubby can't live without meat, so I reserve taking pork or beef in the weekends...Most of the meat is stir fried, steamed or braised.

Including fibers....

I started taking organic oats with organic soya milk and I must say, it grew to love.. I must admit that this helps a great deal in my bowel movement..

Not forgetting the probiotics...

In this area, I consume mostly yoghurt. I remember sharing that probiotics is essential for anyone who is having constipation issues like mine. Remember, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help maintain the proper balance of micro organisms that live in your digestive tract.

Soups are good for you..

During these months, I consume a lot of homemade Chinese soups as it is nutritious and give great benefits to overall health too. Being a Chinese, this is a staple to me.

Cutting down on carbs...

Yes, I do take rice ( mostly brown or red rice ) and I limit myself to taking maximum 3 tablespoon per meal. This is my personal choice and I actually feel better taking less carbs because I feel less bloated and sluggish.

Was it easy? I can tell you it is not. I am one that absolutely adore food, especially Malaysian food! I grew up eating rich, spicy, whole bodied food and for me to start cutting back on those is not an easy task to do. If I were to pass by a goreng pisang ( fried bananas ) stall, the craving starts. When the time of the month arrive, cravings for junk food will start again.

Did I totally cut off my cravings then? Honestly, I still reward myself a couple of times to indulge in my favourite foodie. The only difference is cutting back the portion. I would take 2 bites and leave the rest to my hubs....easy peasy!

Note: This is my personal choice of embarking on this diet as described above.


  1. thanks for sharing your experience. think i might get chlorella for my husband too as he suffers from 'slow' bowel movements too

    1. Hi Xin!:) Slow bowel movements may be a sign that the body is loaded with toxins and Chlorella is a great start to naturally cleanse the body. Like I shared, during the detoxification process, teaming up with healthy meals helps a great deal too in improving the bowel movements.


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