Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are you particular about your cotton pads?

Suzuran Attirer 100% Cotton Puff 120pcs RM 9.90

I admit that I am! I wasn't that particular last time until I started to use this baby. It have completely change my views and preference on cotton pads. Crazy, I know.

Below are some that I have tried and used before and it is sadly a meh to me.

Premier Facial Cotton ( Picture not available )
Daiso Facial Puffs ( Picture not available )

I used to be trifty when it comes to facial cottons. I am not keen in spending so much on something which I will throw after using it for toner or removing makeup.

However, my views and preference changed when I discovered Suzuran 100% Cotton Puffs. I was pretty amazed on how delicate it feels on my skin when I use it to remove my makeup. The performance is a far cry from those I have used before because the previous ones will either slowly wear off, leaving bits of cotton shreads on my face, with a few strokes.

The thing I like most about this puff is that it is not abrasive to my skin at all. It is gentle enough for not leaving my skin with unslightly red marks.

So do share, are you quite picky when it comes to using your regular items such as cotton pads?

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. For awhile I was but when I used cotton pads on my face daily but now, I don't really care cos I only use them to remove my nail polish. However, I liked the Suzuran Attirer...that's the one I used to use.

  2. Good that you use this one too! For face, I am all for this one but for others like removing nail polish, I would opt for a cheapo one.:)

  3. Can it be separated to 5 layers? And is it stretchable?

  4. This one can't but the one that I use for my lotion mask is. It is featured here in my diy mask.

  5. I've ordered the Suzuran Attirer Puff after reading raving reviews on several beauty blogs and I just don't get it... Ok, it is soft, it does not cover your face with lint, but it is so thin that one pad is never enough and it rips along both edges everytime I use them !!!
    I find this so annoying that I do not intend on ever repurchasing
    I will keep looking for better brands!

  6. Hi! One pad is not enough to remove makeup though. I usually use up to 3 for my entire face, excluding 3 for the eyes. It never rips out on me. Perhaps there are better ones out there but I am quite contented with this cos the price is at middle range.


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