Monday, 7 January 2013


Year fast the year ended! Nonetheless, it has certainly brought many new adventures in my journey. Apart from discovering new skincare products, I am thankful that I managed to discover new places and fabulous food that year too! However, I've also realised that I didn't get to do as much things which I am passionate about. Oh well, in 2013, I plan to....

..Push a notch higher in Cooking..

I absolutely love to cook! This passion is highly attributed to my growing up years, where I am brought up in an environment of both cooking and entertaining. All my uncles and aunties ( from my father's side ) are cooks and they love experimenting with food.

I have been cooking and baking a lot too in year 2012. One thing that I am particular about is cooking from scratch. I totally shun 'store bought ready to made items. I like to make my own sauces, condiments and even right down to my own pineapple jam. Doing everything from scratch may be a little time consuming but the end result is totally worth it! The variety of taste palette are much more pronounced...10x better than those 'fast and easy ones'.

Well this year, I plan to push myself a bar higher, cooking more complicated food and desserts ie, French cuisine.

...Stop spending unnecessarily and start investing on things I Love....

Last year, I did some uneventful spending and realised that I bought it all for the wrong reasons....just because it is cheap or discounted. Some items are keepers but shall I say 70% of what I bought turned out to be 'meh' or 'blah'.

This year, I plan to invest my $$$$ into buying items that are worth investing in. Even though it may deem a little expensive initially, the consolation I can give to myself is "at least it is something that you really love and adore". ( Of course, you must be able to see yourself happily using it in many years )

...Appreciate my Family more....

Both my parents are not young any more and it makes me wonder how many years more that I can spend my time with them. I didn't get to spend much time with them last year and if I were to go back with hubby, it will only be 3 days. Though it is only 3 days, those were precious to me.

One fond thing which I did last year was cooking together with my mom. I wanted to learn a traditional dish from her and we were cooking it together when I was back home. Though to many it may sound or look normal, it is something that I missed the most.

Oh, before I end, in year 2012, we got a new addition in our lives. ( No it is not a baby ) but......

A tuxedo cat!

We call her Ms.G. She was abandoned in our home by her mom when she was a month plus. Now, Ms.G is a year old now and she certainly has captured our hearts. She is one weird us that is. She looks like a cat but she acts like a dog! She pick up unwanted small toys from my neighbour and she play 'fetch'. She would always run to the gate and roll on the floor when we get back. She loves her belly rub and has her funny sound to let us know that she is hungry!


  1. Hi Alexandra, Happy New Year! :)

    Hope all is well with you. It's been a crazy year 2012 for me with all the hassles of moving and more moving and really really not doing anything with skincare and experimenting on oils. Right now i'm trying to deal with all the milia seeds.....urgh!!! Must be all the experimenting I was doing! I really do not know how to get rid of them. Any ideas besides poking them with a pin and push them out? :)

    1. Hi Dawn:) Happy New Year as well as the upcoming Happy Chinese New Year to you! Hope that you manage to get everything settled.:P

      Unfortunately, I have no experience or any suggestions to rid the milia seeds. Perhaps you can drop by Sesame's blog ( vivawoman ) and I believe she does have some tips there. From my side, I would say, avoid putting some facial oils around your eye area.


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