Monday, 28 January 2013

Tips for Healthy Scalp to Beautiful Hair

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Chinese New Year is approaching in a weeks time and truth to be told, we want to look great when we meet our relatives and friends. More often than not, many people I know tend to shop for new clothes, store up some CNY goodies and going for a haircut, all done in a week before the new year approaches.  

Well, since we are all set up, let us not forget to look into the health of our hair as well. Below are some tips for a healthy scalp and a good way to prepare before the day approaches.

1) Nourish the first inch of hair that emerges from the scalp as this is the secret to addressing hair fall.

2) Consume high protein diet, which includes lean meat, fish and wide range of beans as they are ideal sources of protein and amino acids that are important for scalp and hair health.

3) Eat foods that contains oils such as flaxseed, borage, Omega 3 and fish oil.

4) Apply warm oil to the scabs on your scalp once a month.

5 ) Use hot and cold water alternately when shampooing your scalp. This will improve circulation and help to avoid build up of dead skin cells.

6) Try to massage rather than scratch your scalp when applying shampoo.

7) Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water every day.

8) Trim your hair regularly to improve its condition.

9) Since stress and anxiety are some of the most common causes of hair fall and unhealthy scalp, take a look at your life and try to identify areas that causes you great anxiety and work on improving them.

10) Avoid sleeping in an overly warm or dry bedroom as it will drain the moisture from your scalp, hair and skin as well.


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