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Review: Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm 75g MYR 178

Though I have heard of Antipodes many months ago, I didn't really get the opportunity to try them...until recently. I was actually hunting for an "all in one" balm, in hopes to treat my dry lips, hands and feet. And this one fits perfectly in what I was looking for...well, except for its price! Let's see if this perfect remedy played well for me...

Product Description

A potent conditioning balm that offers skin troubles sure salvation.Nature's richest oils blend with the power-packed antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial healing properties of Australian tea tree and New Zealand totara. Cell and skin repair are dramatically optimized by antioxidant-rich echinacea and Vinanza Grape from grape seeds in this pure and natural cure-all that brings rescue daily. Use it to help the whole family with dry and cracked skin, grazes and bruises, chapped lips, sore muscles, sunburn, natural baby care, protection after shaving, conditioning cuticles, and in-flight hydration.

Castor oil, meadowfoam oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, carrot seed oil, calendula flower oil, cocoa butter, St John's wort, shea butter, pea extract, australian tea tree oil, vinanza grapeseed extract, sandalwood oil, chamomile flower, echinacea extract, totorol extract.

My Experience

This balm is really thick and golden orange-y in colour. It has a slight musky scent to it...which I don't really favour. However, I believe this balm will take ages to finish as only a little amount ( less than a pea size ) is suffice for your hands. In a way, this balm is quite value for money.

Super thick balm

I have browsed through reviews on the internet and many have claimed that it worked beautifully for them. Now, I did some experiments, based on what the brand claimed this balm can do. Before I go any further, I wish to state that results may differ from one individual to another. What worked on me may not work on others and vice versa. This, however, does not mean this is a bad product. Now, let's see how this product worked on me..

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm helps..

...rescue dry, cracked skin.
On me: Worked - My dry areas, especially my elbows and feet are much softer and smooth. Gone are the dry and flaky skin. chapped lips.
On me: Fail - Initially, it did hydrate my chapped lips instantly but the next day, my lips were inflamed and itchy. Guess the some of the ingredients did caused my sensitive lips to flare up again.

...protect after shaving & care for baby naturally.
On me: Not relevant. I don't shave and don't have any babies at the moment.:P

...condition cuticles.
On me: Worked - I apply the balm to my cuticles 2- 3 times a day and my dry cuticles peeled less now and looked more healthy.

...ease sunburn.
On me: Not relevant...because you will definitely won't find me doing that!

...treat feet.
On me: Worked - I have cracked heels and it did...kinda..helped me to soften it. However, my usual regime is 1) massage oil to my feet and heels and 2 ) use the balm to seal it in.

...relieve sore muscles.
On me: Not relevant..yet!

...tend to grazes and bruises.
On me: Worked - Many times I was subjected to those and each time, I use this balm and it healed naturally.

...reduce stretch marks.
On me: Not relevant. I much prefer my DIY oil to do it. for skin troubles.
On me: Case 1: Worked - This balm did help me to ease mosquito or insect bites. In within minutes, it wasn't as itchy as before and the bites subsided substantially.
Case 2: Fail - One day, I discovered a small rash on my hand. It was very itchy, rough, red and had small tiny bumps. I thought that I may have touched something that cause the rash to react. So I religiously apply the balm until it subsided and I thought the balm saved the day. A few months later, the rash appear at the same spot and this time the balm did not worked. For some strange reasons, it made it worse. I never had this kind of rash before...until I started using this balm. Then I realized that my hands is quite sensitive to some of the ingredients in this balm.
...hydrate skin in-flight.
On me: Worked - Without fail, this balm hydrates your hands like crazy...especially when you are flying and even at air conditioned areas.


This balm has worked out for me in some areas...and some, it has not. I was dismayed when I realised that this causes my lips to inflamed and also, caused a new rash to appear. I guess even how natural and good some ingredients may be, it may not worked entirely for everyone. That being said however, I do not wish to discredit this product because I think this balm is very handy, should one look for an all in one product, which can both hydrate and ease certain skin issues.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.

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