Monday, 12 November 2012

Revisiting Vitamin C for Skin

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A year ago, I started using topical Vitamin C from Marie Veronique for my skin and the results was fabulous. Read my review HERE. Unfortunately, early this year, I was plagued by eczema and thus, I have to stop using this, in fear that this might provoke more sensitivity to my skin.

My poor little jar was left sitting at the corner for months and my heart aches a little during those months because I was actually feeling afraid that it will go bad. I really hate to see something being so expensive being thrown into the bin.

Finally, after I've recovered, I went back to this little gem again. Now, does it still gives me the same amazing results as before?

YES, it still does!

Like I've said in my review, this Vitamin C always plump up the skin. My skin is somehow, more firm to touch now. Not only that, after 2 months, I see improvements on my skin tone and my face is not so patchy looking as before.

And without fail, this topical Vitamin C supplement always gives me the 'glow and sheen' on my skin. My face just looked...healthier....and I am not kidding. This is like falling in love all over again...

I can seriously say that this stuff works!

Though L-Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C, which increases levels of collagen ) powder is readily available in DIY sites like SkinActives or Lotioncrafter, I personally prefer using ready-made ones from Marie Veronique Organics mainly because of it's convenience and also, it contains additional ingredients like kojic acid ( natural skin lightening ) and niacinamide ( reduces hyperpigmentation ).

Do give it a try!

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. i am always wary of Vit C, not sure if it will cause photo-sensitivity. I had a sample bottle of Vit C in tiny glass bottle, but after a while it turned yellowish, oxidized probably, even on my room dresser.

    1. Hi Xin!:)) Vit C does cause photo-sensitivity and therefore, applying sunscreen is a must should you use Vit C. That being said, I find Vit C is a really effective on skin ( in my case it is ). You will definitely see difference and improvements, in texture, colour and firmness for the better!
      Being effective as it is, it is always Best to use Vit C as fresh as possible. Most pre-mixed concoction of Vit C oxidizes in 2 weeks. That is why I prefer to use Vit C in powder form and mix with my serum at the time of use.

  2. I'm confused what vitamins to use for best skin results. Some say vitamin E and others say vitamin C. I need an advice.

    beaute pacifique

  3. I love the Welded Rose range. I've been using their facemask oil capsules and night cream for a few years and wouldn't use everything else now. I am starting to be more cognizant about what is in my products more so now than beforehand. I discovery glycerin makes the serum very adhesive. I currently use the recipe from magnificently green and her recipe only calls for 1 tsp. of glycerin and I can barely stand the adhesiveness from that
    topical vitamin c


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