Monday, 1 October 2012

Dehydrated and Dry Skin Due to Negligence

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Last two months ago, I was running on a busy schedule and I caught a bad virus that gave a bad cough, that lasted close to a month. With all these going around, the only skincare regime that I would still do is religiously apply my facial oils and serums, day and night. That is it. If I do the calculations correctly, I think I did my mask and exfoliation only once a month.

When I did my facial recently, my therapist mentioned that my skin was tight, slightly dehydrated and a little more spots than usual. I admit that she was right. My skin was looking dull too. I then realised that doing your weekly mask and exfoliation is crucial, aside from the usual applications of oils and serums. My skin is being in this sorry state because I left this important step.

My results of skipping weekly mask and exfoliation:
  1. Dry and dehydrated skin.
  2. Dull looking skin, with uneven colour.
  3. More pimples, especially at temples and chin area.
  4. Stubborn blackheads.
  5. Slow healing of acne scars.
Steps that I've used to bring back my skin to the normal state:
  1. Exfoliation and mask- 3 times a week. 
  2. Facial oils and serums- In this case, I used my MVO Moisture Serum and Anti Aging Oil Plus.
  3. Using products containing hyaluronic acid- My Hada Labo toner and Dermalogica Hydrating Booster.
  4. Drink lots of water!

I must say that my skin is back with a bouncy and healthy glow, following a good weekly regime of both mask and exfoliation. I can personally vouch that no amount of good, expensive serums or oils can be topped if you missed out this important step. Did I mentioned that my skin texture has improved a lot too?


  1. i find that frequent masking is really the key to a smooth skin! and and i also discovered that applying face oil before a layer of mask helps to enhance the effect :D

    1. Hi Xin! Totally agree. Mask is definitely the key to smooth and hydrated skin. In facial salons, they did apply oil before mask for me but never tried that at home...hmm should try it now!:P

  2. I, too, neglected exfoliating and masking since June till about couple weeks ago. I was too engross with problems after problems and didn't notice till my friend mentioned about how 'rough" my skin is. I am now going back to exfoliating and masking it 3 times a week, if time permits!

    1. Hi Dawn :D Oh dear, seems you were like in the same boat as me. Well, kudos to your friend for highlighting to you. And thumbs up to you for acknowledging and rectifying it.
      Some girls I know are pretty sensitive when being told of their skin condition by a friend. For me, I always welcome friend's advice...but seldom my facial therapist...haha!


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