Monday, 22 October 2012

Review: Natural Cleansing with Konjac Sponge

Natural Cleansing Konjac Sponge MYR 8.90
( From Sasa )

I know there's been a buzz going on and a love for konjac sponges at this moment. Just type 'konjac sponge' in the search box and there are LOADS of reviews about this, many of which are very positive remarks. And of course, I jumped in the bandwagon as well.

KUU Konjac or Konjac Sponge Company are some of the main 'branded' brands, which markets this natural sponge and they are quite pricey as well. Their prices ranges from MYR 25 to MYR 30 and above, and this is excluding shipping charges!

For me, I managed to find this 'much-talked-about' konjac sponge in Malaysia, at the usual Sasa store, for only MYR 8.90! ( And they are original konjac sponges )

What is it?

Konjac is a traditional Japanese jelly-like health food, made from a potato called "konnyaku potato". The Japanese have used Konjac for more than a century, as a beauty treatment for their delicate skins.

The Benefits

Gently cleanses and soothes skin by removing dirt and oil, naturally restoring the pH level of the skin. It helps to stimulate blood flow and encourage new skin cells.
  • 100% Natural
  • No Chemicals, Preservatives, Colours or Addictives
  • Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Stimulates Blood Flow
  • Encourages New Skin Cell Growth
  • Cleanses Skin Pores to Eliminate Pimples
  • Naturally Moisturizes the Skin
  • Gently Exfoliates Your Skin
My Experience

My normal cleansing routine is very basic-1) Pre-cleanse with cleansing milk, then rinse. 2) 2nd cleansing with cleansing gel, then rinse. I don't use any extra cleansing tool to aid the cleansing process, so using sponges or brushes as part of a cleansing routine is pretty new to me. However, I did remember I have tried using a face brush ( during the Clarisonic hype ) with my cleansing gel once and the experience was unmemorable at all. The face brush was so rough to my skin! I don't even want to talk about it at all...

Now, with this konjac sponge, it brings out a whole new level of experience to me. I use this right after rinsing my face after my second cleansing. I gently rub this sponge in circular motions on my face, with extra concentration around my nose and chin area, and to my surprise, this sponge is not abrasive at all. In fact, it is so gentle and soft!

I particularly like to use it when the sponge is slightly warm. It kinda relaxes me and gives me the soothing feeling...quite therapeutic indeed. After rinsing, I do see my skin looking slightly clearer, smooth to touch and best yet, there's a sheen and soft glow. I am not kidding ladies!

The improvements that I saw when using this sponge: 

1)  I am very prone to small, tiny bumps around my nose area and after using this sponge, my nose area is smooth to touch. I believe that this sponge acts as a gentle exfoliant a well.

2) Unlike my normal exfoliant, which tends to leave my skin feeling slightly taut and dry, this sponge is the total opposite.

3) I had some breakout issue, popping at my chin area at one time. A new pimple will form week after week. After using the sponge, somehow, the breakouts stopped. Strange isn't it? Can I safely say that it also works in controlling breakouts.


This konjac sponge became a new staple in my skincare regime...and I am loving it to bits! I have since bought an extra one and the charcoal konjac sponge for the hubs and to my surprise, he is faithfully using this everyday.

Like I've mentioned, I am at a whole new level of experience since using this konjac sponge. My face feels definitely cleaner, and looks clearer and healthier too. I guess this sponge is an added bonus in making sure all the pores are clean of dirt and oil... even after your first and second cleanse.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. LOL it is a konjac day today! u got a really good bargain there for only RM8.90! i haven't stepped into sasa for a good long time, maybe i will give it a look next time. may purchase another one for body to see how it works :D

    p/s: I still think mine is cuter :P

    1. Haha..ya, it definitely is! This bargain was totally unexpected, was thinking that it will prob cost me RM20 and above but when I saw RM8.90, I knew I had to get it. I've since repurchase cos sasa was having 20% disc on all my 2nd one cost me only at RM7.:P

  2. AFter using the sponge how do you wash it? Rinse it with water only?

    1. Hi Dawn!:P Yup, just rinse it with water and gently press the sponge so all the excess water is out, then leave to hang in a airy environment.

  3. wow ..great that it worked for also tempted to buy it

  4. wow. so cheap. online shop they sell MYR20. i will get this at sasa. TQ.

  5. Was googling around for Sasa konjac sponge. saw a few there but i grabbed the same as yours (coz it was the cheapest) and guess what, it was RM12.90 for 2. What a steal!

    Havent used it yet tho

    1. The price have gone down a lot since last year and at Sasa's anniversary sale, I spot it selling at RM5.40 each! Crazy

  6. I brought myself a Konjac sponge the other day and as soon as I used it I noticed a dramatic change to my skin. My skin, after the first use, appeared brighter, clearer, softer and had a lovely sheen and glow. At first I thought it was a typical 'first use fantastic result which wont happen again' type product but I used it the following morning the results remained the same, if not better! This little sponge has cleared my pores, got rid of my dry spots around my nose and forehead and gives my skin such a fantastic healthy feel. This little sponge, which I call my Jellyfish sponge, is and will remain a staple item in my morning and evening skincare routine


  7. I'm using this sponge too and I bought around 7 during CNY sales lol.....but once started using Konjac sponge, I can stop the addiction!
    But your post is kinda useful cz I'm just thinking that wanna change to cleansing brush or not. Since you state that clarisonic brush is harsh so I may continue using konjac sponge=)


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