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My Eczema Treatment ( Part 3 ): Pure Aloe Vera Sap

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Many years back, I have heard of what aloe vera can do. I remembered back in the 80's, there was this hype going around with my uncles and parents. They were drinking some liquid 'thing-y' from a fairly large brown bottle that look like this:

I am sure many out there ( from my generation ) would recognise this fella. Yes, my family were quite obsessed with it for a few years, but eventually died down when it has proven too expensive to continue. I, too, eventually forgot about this until recently.

As many would have read from my previous post, I was introduced back to this miracle plant by my TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) practitioner. Well, she didn't ask me to drink it, but apply the sap topically on my affected area for 2-3 times a day. Little did I know, her advice has been the best discovery of the year!! And that is why, I'm saving this topic for last of my eczema treatment series.

When you do a google search, you will find loads of information on the many benefits of aloe vera. In this post, I am just going to share on the benefits of aloe vera gel towards eczema sufferers and my experience with it. 

Off from the net, below are some articles on treating eczema with aloe vera.

When you apply Aloe topically fresh from the plant, its fluids form a thin film on the surface of your skin. These gum resins have hydrating thus moisturising, as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe has the ability to go deep into the inner layers of the skin, supplying moisture directly to the underlying tissue.

Dr. Peter Atherton, a strong advocate for the use of Aloe Vera in the UK, conducted a study which revealed that Aloe Vera works mainly on two areas, on repairing epithelial tissue and on boosting the immune system. The skin, the largest organ in the body, is also the largest patch of epithelial tissue. Hence, it is easy to see why Aloe Vera hastens healing of burns and provides much relief to dry eczema skin. It can also help to treat as mouth or stomach ulcers, or a problematic bowel lining; all of which are comprised of epithelial tissues.

Aloe vera contains complex sugars, or polysaccharides, that moisturise and hydrate the skin. When it penetrates into your dry eczema skin, it is quickly absorbed. It triggers fibroblasts to replicate faster. Fibroblasts produce the collagen, that helps to provide elasticity and tautness to the skin. It also helps to produce a cohesive effect on the top-layer epidermal cells, aiding in healing and making skin smoother.

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My Experience

I personally don't really trust aloe vera gel, that are bottled and available at pharmacies, for I know that they might contain some preservatives to enable longer shelve life. Since I have one aloe vera plant at home, I might as well use it 'au naturel'.

My aloe vera leaf

To preserve this lovely leaf, what I did was cut it in half, place them in a zip lock bag and place it in the fridge. Now, the main ingredient that we need from this leaf is the 'sap'. All we need to do is slice off part of the leaf and slice through the white flesh in order to get more sap out.

Just rub the lovely sap ( or juice ) unto the affected area 2-3 times a week. 

1st Day- When I applied the sap on my affected area, it went deep red and it was very itchy. I still carry on the application despite the discomfort, for I know it will be good for me. 

2nd Day- The area started to peel but the colour is not as obvious as yesterday. Plus, no itchy feeling when I applied the sap.

Week 2- The eczema area improved greatly, thanks to the medication and the aloe vera gel. The colour around the area is almost back to normal and there's no itchiness nor discomfort.

Week 3- Back to normal.

 1st Day

2nd Day

Week 2

Week 3


Thanks to the combination of both TCM and aloe vera ( and not forgetting going on a pure, healthy diet ),  I think the picture says it all on the healing process of my eczema. The aloe vera gel is absolutely fantastic and I do suggest that we would always have a pot of aloe vera plant readily available in our homes. It is a perfect remedy, especially for any skin problems ( acne included ).

Can you believe it? I was on western medication for months and my eczema is still there. With TCM, it only took 3 weeks for me to be healed of my eczema! So, if there's anyone out there who are eczema sufferers like me, I highly recommend going through TCM and go to an established one. Like me, I have no regrets at all and am so thankful to God for answering my prayers:)

This review is based on my honest and personal experience and is not influenced by any parties.

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  1. Wow!! That is a really huge improvement! I am most definitely buying a pot of aloe vera to grow coz I always burn myself during baking.

    I'm a fan of TCM over western medications as well. I just don't like the effects of western medications so if I have a choice, I'll choose TCM anytime. :)

    Am really happy for you that your lips are fine now. No spicy food!!

    1. Hi Chui Shia! Thanks and you definitely won't regret buying a pot of aloe vera plant! It works for anything.

      Wow..good to know that you are a fan of TCM as well. The results you get surpasses some western ones.

  2. Hi, i've been having skin problems for 2 years now and been seeking western treatment for over a year. lately, i've turn to TCM, (as per the chinese practitioner's advise) i've been taking his medication for 2 months now and not seeing improvement. i'm at the verge of losing hope in treatment my skin. i've been told by different doctors having different problems from allergy, eczema, psoraisis to scabies. at times, i don't even think any of the so-called skin specialist know what they are treating.
    lately, i'm toying with the idea of going to tung shin. do you mind recommending me your doctor and also advise me on the consultation timing?

    1. Hi. I believe improvements varies from person to person, depending on how serious your case is. I had a friend, who was seeking treatment for skin problems as well and she took more than 6 mths to heal.

      My doc is Kung Hui Lin ( lady practitioner ) who specialise in skin problems. If you prefer a more senior one, you may look for Li Shujian. Think the consultation time is 9am.-5pm. Kung Hui Lin is available on Sunday as well.

    2. Hi, is your fren seeking treatment from tung shin hospital from the same doctor as well? i don't mind spending more than 6 months to treat my skin as long as i'm seeing improvement.
      my skin problem is getting really serious, scatter all over my body with spots and patches now. and i'm getting more and more self conscious wearing short sleeves and short pants out lately. i'm not a person who was born with skin problem... so sad.
      do i need to make an appointment for the consultation?

    3. Yes, she did. No need to make prior appointment before consultation.

    4. went to see Dr Kung today. she said it's eczema. need to avoid eating lots and lots of food. sigh... need to go back to see her after 5 days. hope i'm on my journey to recovery...*fingers cross*

    5. Yes, the major crux of recovery is going on a strict and pure diet, like me. I really don't mind going through the visits or diets because at the end of the day, you want to see improvements.

    6. Hi, i'm now 90% recovered from my eczema problem since i start seeing Dr Kung since late October 2012. She is the best skin doctor i ever had, kind and patience. Undergoing the recovery process was excruciating, at least result is proven. Now, i have a few frens that is going to her too... everyone that sees her has fell "in love" with her. She is a really good doctor... ^.^

    7. Hi! Wow...I am really happy for your recovery:) Good to see your perseverance paid off. Yeah, she is a very good doctor as she is willing to explain to you some things which we may not understand.

  3. What foods have been restricted for treating eczema?

    1. Hi! The list is written in Part 2, under the same heading with TCM Medicine.

    2. Hi I have eczema too and I have a super bad flare up right now. You said when you apply the aloe sap is gets very itchy (which I have noticed) but it absorbs very quickly. Did you put on any creams or moisturizer after as it feels very tight in the area you apply it to.

    3. Hi! It is advisable to apply the pure sap 2-3 times a day if you can. Though it absorbs the sap quickly, you will notice that the affected area is more 'soften'. In my case, I do not put any other moisturiser on it because some moisturisers 'may' make the area more sensitive. If you wish to use the any moisturisers, it is better to apply them after you see improvements at the affected area.

  4. Hi

    Besides spicy food, coconut, all mushrooms, durian mango n alcohol is there any otber food to avoid?

    So dr kung does not c eczema flair up as food reaction?

    My 6 month old baby has eczema for 4.5 months d. Scratching like mad n so hard for me to stop him fr doing tat. Im fully breastfeeding him so am doing a strict diet on myself. How about dairy n egg n processed food n seafood n soy products?

    The tcm doctor gv some herbal stuff for batch. It has been 3 days since d herbal bath but no signs of improvement

    1. Each diagnosis is different from each other and eczema is a pattern which runs differently from each individual. The doctor is still the best to get your answers from.

  5. Hi, i'm glad i found your blog, the results seem really satisfying! i have eczema too but its not in severe condition. the problem is that it becomes really chapped at times and lip balms aren't helping. also it appears really pale on the edge of my lips, i wonder if you know how to get rid of the discoloration around my lips?(my lips look kinda like the last photo above.) Thank you!

    1. For eczema sufferers, dealing with chapped lips are most crucial. In my personal experience, if it is not treated well, it will spread. There are several lip balms in the market and not all are suitable for eczema sufferers. Personally ( even my niece ), found one lip balm called 'Lip Pure', which helped the healing process a lot. ( The review/info can be found in my blog )

      Actually, the last pic above was the healing/healed photo. I hadn't tried anything for discolouration on lips, where I feel there is no need to. I would just need to continue to apply good lipbalms, watch my diet and allow it to heal naturally. My advice is, try not to 'introduce' too much unknown products to where the area is still vulnerable.

  6. You mentioned that your sister has eczema in her hand and entire body too, has she seek medical attention from Dr Kung?
    I have suffer from hand and foot eczema for 8 years and has seen 4 TCM but none work, was hoping to find some glimpse of light from Dr Kung.

  7. Hi.

    Great to see you heal well.

    Did you experience your body flaming up (hot flushes) initially when you first took the chinese medication?

    Also, did you eczema ever inflamme again so far? I didn't see any indication or post suggesting that, so I assumed it did not.

    Been going to skin specialist but all they do is give steriod-based injections.

    1. Hi there. I did not experience any hot flushes when I took the chinese meds. I guess the experience varies from one person to another because all of us have different body constitutions.
      Thankfully, my eczema did not inflame again...unless, if I started to sway from good eating habits. Even if it comes again, it is not as serious as before and I am able to manage it quickly at starting stages and it quickly went away in a few days.
      Yup, skin specialist usually prescribe steriod based medications at conditions as these. I was on these initially and it did not 'heal' it completely, only masking the problem at the surface. If on steriod for a long time, your skin will eventually be thinner and more prone to further skin aliments, due to the breakdown of the upper layer of your skin. Where else for TCM, it goes down to the root of the problem and depending on how serious the case is, it does take a longer period of time to see results because it is using all natural prescriptions.

  8. Hi there. I'm now going treatment with Dr.Kung as well. Just wanted to ask, is your eczema fully healed now? Do you still have flare ups? Thanks

  9. I am 18 and have been suffering from eczema since I was a baby .I have it on my face , hands and legs. All this time I was applying prescribed steroid creams from the gov hospital. The dosage or the potency of the creams depended on my skin condition which mostly was always flaring up. It usually flares up when I have my exams. I have tried acupuncture at TCM once , it was okay but it occurred again after 1month. I would really like to have an consultation there with Dr Kung. Hopefully it works for me.

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