Monday, 3 September 2012

My Eczema Treatment ( Part 1 ): Symptoms and Basic Care

Yup...that's my lips!

If you are a avid reader of my blog, you may know that I was suffering from eczema around my lips area ( some may call it perioral dermatitis ) To those who may not know the full story, do read it HERE. In this post, I am going to sum up the symptoms and basic care ( based on my personal experience ), before moving on to my next post which deals with treatments.


1) Slight inflammation on lips area, coupled with redness and itchiness.

2) Little bumps or tiny rashes on affected area.

3) Peeling

4) Dry, scaly and course to touch.

5) Tightness

6) Blistering at corners of mouth, which leads to bleeding.

7) Highly sensitive to certain foods eg: spicy food.

Basic Care

1) Lubricate lips frequently, using natural based balms.

2) Avoid peeling or touching affected area.

3) Do not lick your lips.

4) Switch to mild or non-irritated skin care products.

5) Avoid spicy and salty food, alcohol and avoid contact with piping hot beverages or soups.

6) Seek medical attention.( Western )

Many eczema sufferers knows that it takes a very long period to see healing comes. My sister has been suffering from eczema for more than 10 years and still is! Hers started from her hands and now, it affects her entire body, from face to toes. In my case, I am thankful that it is only at my lips. Though the area is minimal, the effects are the same. It can spread further if you do not care for it in the beginning. ( And that happened to my sister )

I had it since late last year and flared up to the worst mid this year. Though I did everything from the list of basic care, unfortunately it did not heal completely. It only controls it. It was fine one day and a few days later, it will be back to square one! I was beginning to lose a bit of faith in complete healing and was frustrated. I just want it to end...completely! Cut off or kill off the roots completely.

And this is where I came to a decision to seek for an alternative treatment, which is in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ). I am not new to this because I also used this to treat my constipation problem before. So  in my next post, I am going to share with you my results from this treatment. ( More photos included too...)

Stay tuned!


  1. Eczema is used to describe a variety of skin conditions that result in skin inflammation. Eczema is not only an unsightly skin condition, it can also have deep emotional and physical effects on suffers. Eczema Symptoms

  2. Hi there. :) Found your blog while I was google-ing about perioral dermatitis. I'm suffering from the disease over the past 6 years. It did recover for sometimes but it is getting serious this year. Desperately looking for solution. :( I'm wondering if the TMC treatment works? How long is the treatment period and how much does it cost? Looking forward to your reply. :)

    1. Hi Shal Yin! Sorry to hear that your perioral derm is getting more serious. I know exactly how you feel.
      Yes, TCM is the only way that works and I have recovered because of TCM. Coincidentally, I have written all my experiences about my TCM treatment in my next post and it is coming out on 10th( Mon ).
      For TCM, you have to go for the treatments once every week and depending on how serious your condition is, it may take a couple of mths. The cost varies as well, because it depends on the medication they provide.
      Through TCM, one needs patience to see the results because it takes time but it is highly effective.

  3. this was exactly what I experienced a year ago! i consulted with a dermalogist and she came into conclusion that i was allergic to petroleum :( i thought i fully recovered after her treatment but boy i was lips would never be the same...

    1. Hi there! It's quite tricky to pinpoint what is the actual causes when one has eczema. In my journey, I have heard many saying that it is contact allergy...but when I went for TCM, it traces more to the inside. So it's tricky....

  4. Thank you for helping me be sure my lips have eczema! I feel so relieved 'cause I thought I may have some strange infection. I have eczema on my hands and my right inside of my elbow and on the inside of my left knee. And I had suspicions that my lips had it too. (Mine look exactly like yours) thanks for this blog! :)

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