Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Do you experience odd changes during the time of month?

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Before the 'time of the month' comes, I usually experience the usual symptoms like any other girls. Breast tenderness and bloating. I know most girls crave for sweet things before their period but for me personally, I would crave for spicy and salty food. My most reached out 'comfort food' is preferably a bag of chips ( MUST be cheese flavor! ) Funny, isn't it?

I thank God that my skin goes through minimal changes before my period, even though I crave for those 'not so skin friendly' foodies. Even if I do, I get occasional zits, especially at my temple area. 

Of late, I noticed that there is one distinct symptom that I do get, days before my period. I didn't really noticed it until my hubby highlighted it to me. Unfortunately for me, my armpits don't smell nice during that time. Initially, I thought it was a normal thing and I really take notice this time because..it stinks.

Normal deos don't do a thing for me and I can only rely on my trusty Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. Though it is slightly expensive and not readily available in Malaysia, I find that this is a true keeper for me. It keeps my pits dry and importantly, it controls the smell very well.

I know that there's a DIY deodorant storm going on at the moment with some beauty bloggers but I have yet to try any of them because of pure laziness. :P Maybe one day I will...*fingers crossed*

So guys...do share! Any 'special symptoms' that you experience before your time of the month? Or do any of you avoid or crave for certain foods?


  1. Few days before the time of the month, I am as crabby as a crab! LOL Plus one or zits. I don't have the boobies being tender anymore, however, I still have the bloating and lower back aches. And thankfully I don't have cravings. Probably the bloating kills whatever the cravings were?

    1. Haha..Feeling crabby=Poor husband. LOL! Like you, I have lower back pains too. Hmm...wonder what does that mean? You are so lucky you don't have any cravings..sigh!

  2. I bloat like crazy!! especially these past two months. plus I get nauseous. so bad till I always think I'm pregnant. Not a fun time at all!

    1. Yeah, bloating is no fun at all. I think I don't mind everything else happening to my body except bloating. It does makes one feel 'fat', even though we are not:P I have some also asked me 'is there a bun in the oven?' during those bloating times.


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