Thursday, 29 March 2012

Removing eye makeup the proper way

Ever since I stumbled into the world of Lisa Eldridge, I have been totally enchanted by her! Her poise, the British accent and the effortless way of her make-up techniques. As I watched this video of hers, horror to my horrors, I realised that I have been removing eye make-up the wrong way all these while. Yikes! My poor delicate eye area have suffered much abuse of constant stretching due to my improper ways.

So, I thought of sharing this, just so make sure that we remove them in the correct manner. If some of you have been following this method all these while, I envy you. Yes I do:) But to those who have been removing them the incorrect way, don't fret. Join the boat. Just remember, it's never too late to learn.

I have been using this method of removing my eye make-up ever since I have been frequently wearing them. And it is so easy...and gentle to my eyes too! There are only 2 things that you need: a good, soft cotton pad and a good eye make-up remover.


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