Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Skin Food Egg White Pack

Skin Food Egg White Pack MYR 24.90
( Contains 10 strips, 5 for nose and 5 for forehead and jaw ) 

If anyone were to ask me " If there's one part of your face which you most want to improve, what would it be?" Without giving much further thought, my answer would be my blackhead issue! I have a long history of battling blackheads and I must say that I have very, very stubborn ones indeed on my nose and my chin. I have tried many, many methods: going for facials, oil cleansing, scrubs. These helped only a little by removing only at the surface which is accumulated daily. My blackheads are ingrained deep down in my pores, thus making it very difficult to remove.

I remembered seeing a post from Xin, ( Pretty Beautiful ), which uses Skin Food Egg White Pack and decided to give this a try because the pictures of those blackheads being stuck on the strips is too much for me to resist!

Product Description

No ingredients listing given on the web and pack.


-Remove transparent film, and apply the smooth side of the film to fit the shape of your nose.
-Make sure to place the round edges of the sheet on the tip of the nose.
-Leave for 10 minutes, then tone and moisturize the skin.

Before we move on, I thought that it might be good to show you guys how congested my nose area is.

Looks bad right?

My Experience

I like that the strips are packed specifically for the nose and the forehead and chin area. Strips are easy to identify. The nose strips are shaped like the Biore ones and triangle for the forehead and chin area.

I used this once I've cleanse my skin. Just apply a tiny amount of water on your nose, forehead and chin area  before pasting the strips. Leave it for 10 minutes until the strips hardens. Now comes the best part! Gently peel the strips off and this is what you can see....

( Warning: Gross Pictures Ahead! )

This is the nose strips. As you can see, most of the gunk came off especially on the side of my nose and not so much in the middle. ( My nose area is the most congested part ).

Taking a close up look at the gunk on the side of the nose.

Some came off at the forehead area. I didn't take a shot at the chin area because it came out clean.


I wouldn't say that I am totally impressed with this pack. Probably, it didn't work so well on me because my blackheads are pretty stubborn to start off with. As you can see from the pictures above, all the strips came out pretty clean. Apart from that, I also experience that my nose area became slightly harden a day or two after using it.  (Keep in mind that I clean it thoroughly after removing the strip. ) I am not sure if it is just me. Overall, I would only give this pack a rating of 1 out of 5 because it didn't really work for me in removing all the gunk thoroughly for me.

This item was purchased by me for my personal purposes. This review is based on my honest and personal experience with this product and is not influenced by any parties.


  1. my blackheads don't even wanna cling to pore strips. I swear, whenever I used porestrips in the past, it only took off some facial hair and skin with it. No blackheads at all.

    It's probably because my blackheads are almost all headless. They don't really bother me that much 'cause my skin's usually clear but I have to manually extract them whenever they become too unsightly.

  2. Hi Vivi! Guess your blackheads are as stubborn as mine and can only be extracted manually. I personally find extracting it with the help from facial therapist help a lot!

  3. My blackheads are as stubborn as a mule! My friend recommended Boscia black mask because it help to get her blackheads out but did nothing for me. The only thing that helps rid them nasty fellas is using Clarisonic couple times a week or MVO Exfoliating Cleaser.

  4. Hi Dawn. Yeah, some things that work on others may not necessarily work for us, right? I have heard a lot about Clarisonic, both the good and bad too. Did you experience any breakouts from using it? Good that it works on your stubborn 'mules'..hehe

  5. ah too bad it didn't work for u. i have not used them in a while. i have been using clarisonic once in 2 days, it didn't really break me out but the stubborn heads on the nose and chin have been softened quite significantly ;) they are not reduced by they are softened, so a gentle squeeze is sufficient to get them out.

  6. Yeah. Was hoping to get good results from that, seeing that I rush to the nearest shop to get it.:D You are using Clarisonic as well? Hmm....would like to try one day if the price ever goes down...so far, my facial therapist are my 'Clarisonic', so to speak..hahaha

  7. No, I didn't get any breakouts but some dry patches on my chin coz I "sonic-ed" the spot longer than the recommened time....all for the sake of getting rid of the whiteheads. I have to say after adding facial oil to my skin care routine, the darn "mules" are soften and removed easier.

  8. That is the trick..getting those mules to soften. However, am still hanging by the thread if clarisonic is suitable for my skin. Investment is high and would be a waste of $$ if it doesn't work on me.:P

  9. I tried egg white mask at home with egg whites and thin cotton pads. Works just like this but more natural and cheap :)

  10. Hi Ponderer! I did tried the method that you mentioned a few years back but sadly, it did nothing for me at all. All came out clean.:( My blackheads are as stubborn as mules..

  11. I reckon this product is very similar to Biore pore strips, which i find much more cost wise compared to skinfood. I think it works the same as skinfood strips, but my blackheads are still visible. I've just started using these pore strips, i hope it works over time! Anyway i've also read about the OCM recently, i'm going to try that too!


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